The Lighting Build Of City Passenger Train 60197 Set

With more than six hundred Lego pieces, the kid-friendly Lego City Passenger Train 60197 set will encourage you to make the best out of the motorized engine with remote Bluetooth control. The eight premium LEDs and accessories of high quality from Briksmax are there to help you create a glorious night view of the model even though you are a layman in electrics.

Light Kit For City Passenger Train 60197

If fast-moving trains enchant you or your little ones love to play with toy trains, it is time to let the imagination flow with the Lego Passenger Train 60197 model. With 677 Lego pieces, this beginner-level model from the Lego City series is perfect for any kid aged between six and twelve, although even adults can enjoy a leisure-time activity of Lego building with this set. Measuring four inches high, one inch wide and twenty-seven inches long, this train model with cars can be customized in any way suitable for your choice of Lego City scenario and you can also combine other models from the series for an extensive look. It is important to finish assembling the Lego set before installing the handmade Briksmax light kit, otherwise, small delicate pieces can get lost or damaged.    

Specialties Of Passenger Train 60197 Set

The Lego City set light  kit comes without any battery just like the Lego set and hence, you should get three AA batteries along with the right quantity and type of batteries for moving the train.

There are four Minifigures of the train attendant, the train conductor and two passengers. The accessories include three muffins, three mugs, a croissant, a hotdog, a suitcase with one Lego box and a messenger bag.

Light Kit For City Passenger Train 60197

Use the LED for Lego  set to illuminate the remote-controlled motorized engine with 10-speed Bluetooth feature featuring a pantograph on rooftop, the opening nose cone and the driver’s cabin featuring control panel and an opening window. The engine is four inches high, one inch wide and ten inches long.

The platform measuring two inches high, two inches deep and four inches wide features buildable signal pole, four straight and sixteen curved rails for the fully circular track, train services map and two seats.

The café car features tables and removable roof while the passenger car features tables, seats and removable roof.  

Highlighting Passenger Train 60197 Set With Lighting Kit

Light Kit For City Passenger Train 60197

The Lego light kit for Passenger Train 60197  is suitable for any 6+ years old enthusiast and should be tested properly after opening the box. It features seven randomized Lego plates for customization.

To light up the set, you get one slow-flashing 30cm red and a slow-flashing 30cm white lights, two 30cm white LEDs and five warm white light strips. There are two 5cm and three 15cm connecting cables to be passed smoothly with the brick separator.

Light Kit For City Passenger Train 60197

For details regarding how to light up Lego  set, check out the illustrated steps from the universal instruction book. Keep the after-sales card safe for two years as a manufacturer warranty and the user guide for future installations.

Insert batteries in the AA battery box and place the Adhesive Square. Connect the 6-port expansion board and the 30cm power cable with USB port.

The kit comes with air bubble protection to avoid any damage. However, in case of missing or damaged accessories, you will get a replacement if the defective kit is sent within seven days.   

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