Lighting Lego Action Trill: LEGO MOVIE Rex's 3-in-1 Rex-treme Offroader 70826 Set

The Lego Movie 2 Rex’s Rex-treme Offroader! 70826 with above two hundred Lego pieces is a kid-friendly model that lets you recreate various scenes from the movie. The eight custom-made LEDs with high-quality lighting accessories from Briksmax are easy to set up, even if you lack electrical skills.

Light Kit For Rex’s Rex-Treme Offroader 70826

With 236 Lego pieces, the three-in-one Rex’s Rex-treme Offroader! 70826 set helps reimagining the fun-filled scenes from The Lego Movie 2. Anyone above seven years old will be able to assemble this beginner-level set from the Lego Movie 2 series with Recon Rex-o-saurus and even reassemble it to build the Execu-Rex-o-saurus or the Rex-o-saurus Quad. With accessories like the briefcase and mug for Rex and the flashlight for Emmet, the Offroader stands two inches in height, two inches in width and five inches in length. When night falls and the room is dark, you do not have to worry about overshadowing as Briksmax offers you a handmade and premium lighting kit that you can install regardless of your electrical knowledge.  

Specialties Of Rex’s Rex-treme Offroader! 70826 Set

Light Kit For Rex’s Rex-Treme Offroader 70826

Just like the Lego Jurassic Park light kits, the Lego movie lights and accessories are packed separately in plastic packets wrapped with bubble sheets inside the hardcover box. Always finish assembling before unboxing the light kit to avoid losing, damaging or mixing up lights, accessories and Lego pieces.

Install the Instructions Plus app on any compatible iOS or Android mobile device for easy building. There are endless role-playing opportunities with Rex and Emmet Minifigures added in January 2019 and the buildable figure of Plantimal.

Light Kit For Rex’s Rex-Treme Offroader 70826

The Lego Movie set light kit will highlight the offroader featuring two seats for Minifigures in the cockpit and two stud shooters at the rotating turret on the rear side. The three inches high, one inch wide and five inches long Recon Rex-o-saurus comes with snapping jaws, the buildable non-shooting removable gun that can be removed to use as a weapon for Rex, posable legs and two stud shooters.

The two inches high, three inches wide and five inches long Execu-Rex-o-saurus and the three inches high, two inches wide and five inches long Rex-o-saurus Quad can be highlighted with lights for Lego .    

Highlighting Rex’s Rex-treme Offroader! 70826 With Light Kit

Light Kit For Rex’s Rex-Treme Offroader 70826

The light kit is designed as a plug-and-play model for any 6+ years old enthusiast and bears a 2-year warranty with the after-sales card. There is no battery in the kit and therefore you need to arrange the required number of AA batteries beforehand.

You will get two random colored Lego plates to be used for customization or as substitutes. The illustrated universal instruction book will tell you how to light up Lego while the user guide will help in further installation.

Set up the brick separator to make sure the connecting cables are not damaged while passing between the stubs. Insert the batteries in the Oval CR2032 battery holder.

Light Kit For Rex’s Rex-Treme Offroader 70826

For lighting Lego,you will get two 15cm green and six 15cm white LEDs. The Adhesive Square and a 12-port expansion board have to be set up. Connect the USB power cable measuring 30cm with the hub and make sure that the main power remains below 5v to avoid burning.

You should always test each LED and accessory before final installation. If you notice any part missing, broken or defective, send it back within 7 days and you will get a replacement.

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