There's a Christmas For Everyone- Lightailing Best Offers!

From Gingerbread House to Christmas Tree, Winter Village Fire Station to Santa’s Work, there is no dearth of Lego models of Christmas theme. What makes building these vibrant models even more interesting is how easily you can install the handmade light kit from Lightailingto keep these structures highlighted 24x7. Three exciting discount codes are there for you to grab the best deals before, during and after Christmas.

Christmas offers

Whether you are a kid or an adult, a middle-aged person or a senior, the Lego building frenzy is something more or less everyone can connect themselves with. The Lego models are created as age-appropriate sets for different age groups and although older ones can enjoy assembling those models, younger ones might feel out of place. To solve this issue, Lightailing has brought you premium lighting kits that are suitable for any Lego enthusiast who is above six.

Enjoy Great Discounts On Lighting Kits

There are three offers valid on not only for the Christmas themed light kits but also those for other sets –

The pre-Christmas offer on Lego light  kits is applicable on all items from 16thDecember till 23rd You can get a discount of 35% on using the code PC35 while checking out. The lighting kits for Christmas Tree 40338, Christmas Wreath 2-in-1 40426, Gingerbread House 10267 and Santa’s Workshop 10245 can be great items to look out for as these will add a new look to the Christmas décors.

christmas day sale

The Lego light offer during Christmas Eve is applicable for two days i.e. 24thand 25th This is the biggest discount offer where you can grab all items at half price i.e. at 50% off. The popular Christmas models to buy in the Winter Village segment are Winter Holiday Train 10254, Winter Village Fire Station 10263, Winter Village Post Office 10222, Winter Village Station 10259, Winter Toy Shop 10249 and Winter Village Market 10235, for which Lightailing has high-quality light kits.

The offer on Lego lights is also available after Christmas till the clock strikes 12 on New Year’s Eve i.e. from 26thDecember till 31st Here, you can get up to 30% off on all items by using the discount code MC30 during checkout. The Winter Village Cottage 10229, Modular Winter Vacation 31080 and Snow Resort Chalet 41323 are popular choices for post-Christmas celebrations and you can get the light kits at a low cost.

What To Expect From Lighting Kits

The LED light for Lego sets comes with proper accessories and both are packed separately with air-bubble wrapped plastic packets to avoid any damage.

Christmas Lego light kit

No matter whether you are a skilled electrician or a layman, installing the kit is an easy task.There are vibrant LEDs and connecting cables that can be inserted easily with a brick separator. Batteries are excluded and you need to buy those in advance for the battery packs. For ease of lighting Lego models, there are universal and illustrated instruction books and user guide.

Also included are after-sales card, expansion boards, Adhesive Squares and random colored Lego plates.

Therefore, the Christmas holidays can be productive for kids, teens, adults and seniors alike while assembling the structures and installing lights on them to prevent overshadowing especially in poor light.

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