Inspiring Build Of Pioneering Women Of NASA 21312!

With only over two hundred Lego pieces, the Lego Ideas Women of NASA 21312 set is a beginner-level model paying tribute to the groundbreaking contributions of women in NASA. There are fourteen high-quality LED lights and handmade accessories in the Briksmax lighting kit to make the model look radiant without being overshadowed even when the room is dark.

Light Kit For Women of NASA 21312

The merit and dedication of women in the branch of STEM i.e. Science, Technology, Engineering, Math have always garnered the development in astronautics and astrophysics. Paying homage to their path-breaking excellence and resilience, the Lego Ideas series has come up with the Women of NASA 21312 set that is made up of only 231 Lego pieces and is suitable for anyone above ten. It features the four pioneering women Minifigures of Nancy Grace Roman –an educator and astronomer, Margaret Hamilton –an entrepreneur and computer scientist, Mae Carol Jemison –a physician, astronaut and engineer and Sally Ride –physicist, entrepreneur and astronaut. With the premium plug-and-play lighting kit of Briksmax, anyone with or without any knowledge of electrics can install the lights and accessories to brighten the model up.      

Specialties Of Women of NASA 21312 set   

Light Kit For Women of NASA 21312

The light kit for Lego Women of NASA 21312 set is created as age-appropriate for kids above six years old. As the accessories are very small to cause choking hazards to infants and the LEDs very delicate enough to get damaged, it is better to finish assembling and open up the light kit box afterwards.

The Lego set comes with a booklet where you will get thorough instructions about assembling, information regarding the four leading ladies, Lego designers and the fan creator of the model.

Light Kit For Women of NASA 21312

With the Lego set light kit, you can highlight the two inches high, two inches deep and three inches wide build of Roman featuring the detailed Hubble Space Telescope with the projected planetary Nebula image.

The four inches high, two inches deep and three inches wide build of Ride and Jemison features the Space Shuttle Challenger and launchpad with three removable rocket modules.

The two inches high, one inch deep and three inches wide build of Hamilton comes with a pile of books representing the listed stacks from AGC (Apollo Guidance Computer) source code of flight software onboard.   

Highlighting Women of NASA 21312 With Lighting Kit 

Light Kit For Women of NASA 21312

Each LED for Lego set along with accessories should be tested properly after you open the box and open the bubble-wrapped plastic packets. The light kit comes with a 2-year manufacturer warranty with the after-sales card.

You will get to customize with fourteen random colored Lego plates. For step-by-step installation and future installation, the illustrated universal instruction manual and the user guide will help respectively.

Purchase batteries in advance for the Oval CR2032 battery box as the light kit does not include any. Prepare the brick separator to pass two 15cm connecting cables smoothly.

Light Kit For Women of NASA 21312

For lighting Lego, you will get twelve 15cm white and two slow-flashing 15cm white LEDs. Set up one 8-port and two 6-port expansion boards. Connect the 30cm power cable and prepare the Adhesive Square.

Put the printed nameplates for each build of the women Minifigures and enjoy role-playing. If there is any manufacturing issue with the light kit, return it within a week and get a replacement.   

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