5 Admiring Set Gifts For Lego Fans!

To suit the preference of all Lego builders, there are five wonderful lighting kits from Lightailing for the Disney Castle, Mandalorian Bounty Hunter Transport, Colosseum, Hogwart’s Castle and Lamborghini Sián FKP 37. When it is dark, these premium and handmade light kits will highlight the models.

Light Kit For Disney Castle 71040

The festive season is at your doorstep and you might be wondering about which gift would be the best option for your loved ones who are Lego enthusiasts. Well, any Lego builder will have several exciting models displayed at home, but few would be privileged enough to have those models glowing in dark. This Christmas and New Year’s Eve put a smile on their faces by gifting them the following lighting kits from Lightailing.

Lights For Disney Castle 71040

The Lego Disney set light kit for this 4080-piece model is available for pre-order on 15th December. Apart from 34 randomized Lego plates for customization, you will get two instruction manuals, two Adhesive Squares, a multi-function board, tweezers and two 6-port and three 12-port expansion boards. Three 5cm, seven 15cm and three 50cm cables are accompanied by two solid color projection lamps, one multi-color changing string, ten 30cm and fifteen 15cm LEDs and six light strips of warm white color and five 30cm white LEDs.    

Lights For The Mandalorian™ Bounty Hunter Transport 75292

Light Kit For The Mandalorian™ Bounty Hunter Transport 75292

The second batch of the Star Wars set light kit for this model comprising 1023 pieces is available on 15th December for pre-order. There are two 15cm and two 30cm red, three large warm white and four ice-blue 15cm dot lights along with two warm white strip lights. Also included are three 6-port and one 8-port expansion boards with one 5cm, one 30cm and three 15cm cables. Eight random Lego plates are there for customization.  

Lights For Colosseum 10276

Light Kit For Colosseum 10276

For lighting Lego Colosseum 10276, you will get green LEDs along the base, yellow LEDs for the arches and warm white LEDs for the interior auditorium. One of the largest architecture models from the Lego Creator Expert series, the model with 9036 pieces can be highlighted for its surviving archways along the free-standing elliptical auditorium, travertine paving stones, olive trees along the ancient walkways and the hypogeum. The first batch is available for pre-order on 15th January 2021.    

Lights For Hogwarts™ Castle 71043

Light Kit For Hogwart's Castle 71043

The Lego Harry Potter set lights  for the 6020-piece expert-level set include thirty-two 30cm, twenty 15cm, twenty-three 10cm and two large 15cm warm white, three 15cm blue, three 10cm yellow, one 15cm red and two slow-flashing 15cm colored LEDs with flashing module board and one blue, two red, three green and eleven warm white light strips. There are also two solid color projection lamps, eleven 6-port, two 8-port and four 12-port expansion boards, two 30cm USB cables, eleven 5cm, two 50cm, eight 30cm and fourteen 15cm connecting wires, two battery holders, six adhesive squares, three instruction books and thirty-two random Lego plates.   

Lights For Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 42115

Light kit For Lamborghini Sián FKP 37 42115

Use the Lego Technic light kit for the 3696-piece model including three RGB solid color, four blue and one warm white light strips along with six ice-blue 30cm, two 15cm and two 30cm green and six small warm white 30cm LEDs. There are two 50cm, one 30cm, one 5cm and five 15cm cables with one 15cm and two 30cm RGB cables, a multi-function board, one remote control, an RGB receiver board, two Adhesive Squares, one 6-port and two 12-port expansion boards, two Adhesive Squares, two instruction books, two transparent 15cm light pipes and ten random Lego pieces.  

These are plug-and-play sets suitable for anyone above six and no electrical knowledge is required to install those. You do not need electrical skills to install those.

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