This Lighting Cool Logging Lego Forest Tracto 60181 Will Still Your Heart

With 150+ Lego pieces and a Minifigure, the beginner-level Lego City Forest Tractor 60181 model will let kids have an idea about how logs are derived from the forest. When it is night or the room lights remain doused, your Lego model will no longer be overshadowed as Briksmax and Lightailing provide you the handmade and high-quality lighting kit that anyone of any electrical skill can install at ease.

Light Kit For Forest Tracto 60181

There are several unconventional occupations that a kid knows nothing about but still feels curious and logging is one of such jobs. The Lego City models have always taught kids about various social works and occupations through the kid-friendly sets and the Forest Tractor 60181 model with 174 pieces is not an exception. Kids in the age group of 5 to 12 can make the best out of this model as they watch how logs are sawed according to the length of the stand and how the tractor can be used to pick up and move those logs around. Once you have finished building, open the light kit box from Lightailing or Briksmax to bring out seven LEDs and accessories.    

Brightening Up The Forest Tractor 60181 Set With Light Kit

Light Kit For Forest Tracto 60181

 Each Lego set light  and accessory is packed respectively in plastic packages wrapped with air-bubble sheets so that those are not harmed while the box is in transport. The plug-and-play kit is suitable for enthusiasts aged above six and will highlight the Tractor standing three inches high, three inches wide and seven inches long.

The universal and illustrated instruction book will show you how to light up Lego model while the user guide will help in the further installations. Keep the after-sales card safely for two years as a manufacturer warranty.

Light Kit For Forest Tracto 60181

There is a one inch long pine tree with two buildable logs measuring two inches each. The chainsaw is for cutting the logs to keep them of the same length in the log stand that is one inch wide.

Light up Lego Forest Tractor 60181 that features a movable arm, opening claw for moving the log pieces, two chains and massive wheels. Role-play with the Minifigure Lumberjack to shovel the logs around the stand or operate the arm of the tractor.

If you want to customize, there are five Lego plates of random color in the light kit. There is no AA battery in the kit, so arrange three of those beforehand to insert in the battery holder.

Light Kit For Forest Tracto 60181

The Lego light kit should be tested thoroughly before the final installation to make sure that all items are included in the box and are in proper shape or working smoothly.

Set up the USB hub by connecting the power cable measuring 30cm. Place the brick separator to pass the connecting cables smoothly. Prepare the Adhesive Square and 8-port expansion board.

For lighting Lego model, you get two red LEDs measuring 15cm each, two white LEDs measuring 15cm each and three warm white LEDs measuring 15cm each. Always keep the main power below 5v so that electrical hazards are at bay.

Keep the light kit from infants due to the risk of choking hazards. If you notice any missing, broken or defective light or accessory within a week of delivery, return it to get a replacement.

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