Lighting Lego Land Rover Defender 42110 Set: First Impression car!

The 2573-piece Lego Technic set of Land Rover Defender 42110 can be made suave with the LED lighting kit from Lightailing. A detailed replica of the original Land Rover Defender from 2019, this set can be lightened up by anyone above six years old.

Light Kit For Land Rover Defender 42110

There will be hardly any confusion over the sturdiness and the rugged look of the Land Rover Defender launched in 2019 and to make the car enthusiasts go crazier, Lego Technic series has brought out the multifunctional and highly detailed Land Rover Defender 42110 model. With as many as 2573 Lego pieces to assemble, the set is age-appropriate for 11+ years’ old Lego builders while its lighting kit being a plug-and-play model is appropriate for 6+ years old enthusiasts. What makes the lights so indispensable is their ability to highlight the realistic details of the vehicle such as the sculpted clean surface, authentic rims, tires with perfect traction and innovative engineering features that are developed in association with Land Rover.   

How to Lighten Up Land Rover Defender 42110 Set

The light kit for Lego Land Rover Defender  is designed while keeping both the layman and the expert in mind –that being said, both an expert in electronics and someone without electrical skill can install the lights by adhering to the steps on user guide book and instruction manual.

  • The light kits come packed in separate plastic packets and wrapped with bubble films to avoid damage. Only after finishing assembling the Lego structure, unpack the Lego night lightkit and test each accessory properly so that after final installation, there is no damaged or malfunctioning light accessory.

Light Kit For Land Rover Defender 42110

  • For your ease of understanding, the steps in the instruction manuals are written in the universal language and these steps come with detailed illustrations. The User guide book also helps in a future installation.
  • The best Lego light kits  include three slow-flashing 15cm colored LEDs, two warm white light strips and eight warm white 15cm LEDs, one 30cm, four 15cm and two 10cm red LEDs, two 10cm yellow LEDs, two 15cm blue LEDs, and two 30cm white LEDs. The red and white LEDs are for tail and front lights while the roof rack also has white LEDs.

Light Kit For Land Rover Defender 42110

  • Set up the 8-port and 12-port expansion boards, the Adhesive Squares and USB hub with 30cm USB power cable. Get three batteries for the AA battery holder and customize with the 28 randomized Lego pieces for the Lego Land Rover Defender.
  • Prepare the brick separators beforehand so that you don’t have to pass the wires forcibly or let them dangling mid-air ruining the outer look. You will get one 5cm, two 15cm and two 30cm connecting wires which should be passed between or below the stubs of the Lego Technic Land Rover Defender  and connected to the LEDs so that the model has all the special sections highlighted.

Even after thorough testing of the lighting accessories, if you find any delicate part breaking or malfunctioning, there is a 7-days window to return and replace the light kit. Besides, the after-sale card included in the kit ensures two years of manufacturing guarantee.       



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