Did You Know Lego Vehicles LED Light Kit Are Attractive Accessories?

From the Sunset Track Racer 31089 to Car Transporter 42098, from Paranormal Intercept Bus 3000 to Land Rover Defender 42110 –the Lego military vehicles look incomplete without their respective lighting kits. Handmade LED lights, connecting wires, expansion boards, and other accessories make these structures beautiful.

Do you like military vehicles or any other heavy-duty vehicles made with Lego pieces than other Lego models? if automobiles are your passion and assembling Lego pieces give you pleasure, check out the plethora of Lego sets namely the Land Rover Defender 42110 from Technic series, Paranormal Intercept Bus 3000 70423 from the Hidden Side series, Car Transporter 42098 from Technic series and the Sunset Track Racer 31089 from Creator series. What makes these models so appealing among the automobile nerds and Lego enthusiasts is how they blend perfectly with the handmade LED lighting kits. These lights and connecting wires are small in size so that you can easily hide them in the sets yet let them light up the entire structure.

Sunset Track Racer 31089 Light Kit

light kit for lego set

The light kit for Lego 31089  Sunset Track Racer includes three warm white LEDs of 15cm length each and two red LEDs of 15cm length each for the front and rear lights. The four blue LEDs of 15cm length highlight the tires of the wheels. With these, you will also get a 12-port Expansion board, an Adhesive Square, a USB cable of 30cm length and a CR2032 Oval battery pack.  

Car Transporter 42098 Light Kit

light kit for lego set

The light kit for Lego Car Transporter  comes with two 30cm and eight 15cm red LEDs, two 30cm and fourteen 15cm yellow LEDs, one 30cm and ten 15cm warm white LEDs, two 30cm and six 15cm white LEDs, two slow flashing 15cm blue and six slow flashing 15cm yellow LEDs and a strip light of warm white tint. Other accessories include two 6-port, two 12-port, and five 8-port Expansion Boards, an AA and a CR2032 Oval battery box, 52 Lego bricks, three Adhesive Squares and two 50cm, two 30cm and four 15cm connecting wires.

Paranormal Intercept Bus 3000 70423 Light Kit

light kit for lego set

When you are viewing through the AR Hidden Side app, the light kit for Paranormal Intercept Bus 3000  makes the structure spookier with ghosts floating above the lightened bus. Red LEDs for the taillights, purple LEDs for the door and warm white LEDs for the entire interior of the bus will make ghost-hunting at Newbury with Parker even more enjoyable.

Land Rover Defender 42110 Light Kit

light kit for lego set

Choose any one light kit for Land Rover Defender  from Lightailing and make the front and taillights and roof rack highlighted. One set offers two strip lights and eight 15cm LEDs of warm white tint, two 30cm white, two 15cm blue, two 10cm yellow, and four 15cm red LEDs along with one 30cm red LED. Another set comprises of three slow flashing 15cm colored LEDs, two warm white light strips, two 10cm, four 15cm and one 30cm red, two 10cm yellow, two 15cm blue, two 30cm white and eight 15cm warm white LEDs.

Each light kit comes with the universal instruction manual, user guide, and the after-sales warranty card. While the warranty card is valid for two years, the instruction manual helps in easy installation.



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