Build a Cool Chinook Police Helicopter Toy with LED Lights for Mountain Arrest 60173

Let your kids have an idea of how the police force work as they assemble the Mountain Arrest 60173 set made up of 303 pieces. The kids can also install the LED lights under your guidance or watch you refer to the manual to set up the light kit.

Light Kit For Mountain Arrest 60173

Lego Ideas series will now cater to your little ones aged between five and twelve with the Chinook Helicopter, Hideout and Crook’s Buggy in the Mountain Arrest 60173 model. This beginner series with only 303 pieces will be a piece of cake to the kids and obviously the adult Lego enthusiasts as they pick up the police badge to join the four Minifigures of the Police Officer, two crooks, a pilot as well as the large bear figure. The high-quality and handmade LED lighting accessories are provided by Lightailing so that your kids can always watch their lightened up the model in awe and show others how skilled they are in Lego building!

Know About the Mountain Arrest 60173 Model

Before you light up Legos, a thorough idea about the Police Helicopter, Hideout, and the buggy is needed so that you can customize with the set and also add lights accordingly. Before using, test each light kit properly to ensure no defect and 100% functionality.

  • The 9” long, 3” wide and 5” high Chinook Helicopter has its opening cab or cockpit, the sliding door at the back, dual spinning rotors, net shooters and the winch with hook and string. As you use the light kit for Lego 60173, you can liven up the launching of the string net on the bear or the crook. Let the police officer rappel on the ground with hook and winch while the other officer triggers the net shooter.
  • The 1” wide, 3” long and 5” high escape buggy for the crooks come with space for the backpack. Light up Lego Mountain Arrest set  to highlight the two-leveled Crooks’ Hideout of 5” height, 2” depth and 4” width. It has beehive, bathtub, opening door and crane post with a chain to adjust the arm holding the backpack after loot.      

Power Up Police Helicopter And Hideout With Lighting Kit

Light Kit For Mountain Arrest 60173

The Lego LED lights are packed in plastic packets just like other light accessories and to prevent any damage during shipping of the product in the Lightailing box, the packets are wrapped with air-bubble sheets. Open the packets after completing the Lego building so that no small part gets mingled up or damaged.

  • The Lego night light consists of white and blue LEDs for the cockpit and rotors and warm white LEDs for the Hideout and helicopter exterior. The lights will also make accessories like brush, map, mug, dollar bills and four water elements distinct.

Light Kit For Mountain Arrest 60173

  • The user guide for latter installation and the instruction manual written in the universal language will help in setting up the light kit for Lego City Mountain Arrest. Keep the connecting wires concealed as you pass them comfortably between the stubs.
  • Get three batteries separately for the AA battery box and set up the USB hub with the power cord. Add the custom Lego bricks for customization with the model and set up other accessories like Expansion Board and Adhesive Square.

Create the looting scenario and the chasing sequence followed by the unique throw-off feature of the net. Add lights to make the Helicopter and the Hideout glow in dark.



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