Save The Burger Bar With Lighting Fire Rescue 60214 Set

The Lego City Burger Bar is on fire and the Fire Rescue 60214 set can be a perfect treat to your 5+ years old kids as they create their firefighting scenario with the firefighter Minifigures. Add the small and vibrant LED lights from Lightailing or Briksmax to liven up the fire breakout and heroism of the firefighters.

Light Kit For Burger Bar Fire Rescue 60214

A beginner model from the Lego City series, the Burger Bar Fire Rescue 60214 set with only 327 Lego pieces is designed for anyone over 5 years of age, especially those having admiration for the brave firefighters. With the burger bar, the motorbike and the fire truck to assemble in various combinations, you can either create a scenario of blazing fire before the firefighters start their job or douse the flames to show how the fire truck was able to save the burger bar. With the Minifigures of the two firefighters and the grill chef of the burger bar endless play opportunities are there while with the plug-and-play lighting kit, great customization is assured, especially when it is dark.     

Special Features of the Burger bar Fire Rescue 60214

Before you add the light kit for Lego City Burger Bar Fire Rescue, you should have a thorough idea of the burger bar that stands 6” tall with 4” width as well as the fire truck with a retracted water pump that stands 3” tall, 2” wide and 5” long.

  • You can light up Lego bricks of the burger bar that features the large burger sign and the trash can, both of which come with five buildable toppling fire flames that you can raise one by one or all at once for creating the look of a terrible inferno or small fire. It also has a service window that can be slid accordingly.

Light Kit For Burger Bar Fire Rescue 60214 set

  • The best Lego light kits  will highlight the fire truck that comes with one Minifigure cab, two storage compartments, the directional pump (introduced in January 2019) with the “water jet” feature and the rotating back end. You can launch water to douse the flames by rotating back end and squeezing bellows on the water pump.
  • With the Lego night light kit, you can lighten up the motorbike where three Minifigures can sit. The bike features opening visors for two helmets, bike helmet, small space for the fire extinguisher, oxygen tank and the fire ax (introduced in January 2019).

What to Know About the Light Kit for Burger Bar Fire Rescue

Burger Bar Fire Rescue 60214

You should not use any defective or damaged light accessories to light up Legos because a malfunctioning light kit will mar the overall look of the Burger Bar Fire Rescue 60214 model. Finish assembling the structure and open the box to reveal bubble-wrapped plastic packets containing the premium lighting kit.

  • Follow the illustrated steps on the universal instruction manual and the user guide to light up Lego Burger Bar Fire Rescue. Know about how to insert the three AA batteries into the battery pack or how to set up the Adhesive Square and two Expansion Boards of 6 and 12 ports.

Light Kit For Burger Bar Fire Rescue 60214 set

  • Two 15cm white and two 15cm red LEDs for the Fire Truck are there along with four 15cm yellow, one 15cm warm white and four slow flashing 15cm blue lights and one white light strip. Pass the 5cm and 30cm connecting cables properly between the stubs.  

Also, add the random colored Lego brick wherever needed in the model and connect the 30cm USB cord to the hub. The after-sales card is for a 2-years guarantee.  




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