Lighting Lego MetalBeard's Sea Cow 70810 Set

The Lego Movie 2 MetalBeard's Sea Cow 70810 model with over 2700 Lego pieces lets you recreate the moments from the movie where Micro Managers were approaching MetalBeard on the whacky Sea Cow. 24 premium LEDs and accessories of high quality from Briksmax light kit are there to make sure that the set is never left in dark.

Light Kit For MetalBeard's Sea Cow 70810

If you have enjoyed the Lego Movie 2, you will be familiar with MetalBeard and his Sea Cow. The Lego Movie 2 series has thus brought out the MetalBeard's Sea Cow 70810 model consisting of 2741 Lego pieces. Age-appropriate for anyone above fourteen, the model stands above 22 inches in height, 7 inches in width and 24 inches in length. Endless role-playing is guaranteed when you add the four Minifigures of Emmet, Benny, Wyldstyle and Vitruvius along with two figures of Queasy Kitty and MetalBeard. As you add weapons like two flint pistols, two flint guns and two swords, get ready to be enthralled with the installation of handmade lighting kit of Briksmax that does not require any electrical knowledge.

Specialties Of MetalBeard's Sea Cow 70810 Set

Light Kit For MetalBeard's Sea Cow 70810

The Lego set light kit comes in a box where lights and accessories are packed in plastic bags wrapped with bubble films for protection. Before you open the light kit, make sure you have finished assembling the model.

There is the winged cow, a small Micro Manager standing one inch high, one inch wide and two inches long with net shooter and a large Micro Manager standing three inches high, four inches wide and four inches long with hidden flick missiles under fold-up wings, fold-down satellite dish and two claws. The Mini MetalBeard stands four inches tall with a width and depth of five inches respectively.

Light Kit For MetalBeard's Sea Cow 70810

The Lego light kit for 70810 will highlight the boiler room, two anchors, chimney, four back propellers, lanterns, two side turbines, two golden keys, two bottles, box with black coals, wrench, shovel, hammer, barrel, two rammers and golden crowbar. The ammunition and cannon deck has six cannons and two boxes filled with twelve ammunitions.

The captain’s cabin has treasure chest with two red jewels, six gold coins and two green jewels besides two maps, sextant, MetalBeard portrait, two blueprints, globe, quill and ink vial.     

Highlighting MetalBeard's Sea Cow 70810 With Light Kit

Light Kit For MetalBeard's Sea Cow 70810

The Lego light kit is suitable for any 6+ years old user and has an after-sales 2-year warranty card. You should test each item before the final installation so that you can return and replace any defective part within a week.

For customization with the model, you will get twelve random colored Lego plates. Refer to the illustrated steps on the two universal instruction manuals. Keep the user guide for future assistance.

Light Kit For MetalBeard's Sea Cow 70810

A brick separator will help in smooth insertion of three 5cm, two 15cm, one 30cm and three 50cm connecting cables. Light up Lego set with four small warm white light strips, one 15cm red LED, two 15cm and five 30cm warm white, two 30cm and six 15cm yellow and four 10cm white LEDs.

Set up one 8-port and five 6-port expansion boards. Purchase AA batteries separately for the battery pack. Place the Adhesive Square and connect the 30cm power cable with the USB port.

From steering the ship to taking off the funnel for accessing the deck, firing the cannons to opening doors of boiler room, rotating turbines to spinning propellers –the light kit will make each function exciting.

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