Dazzling Display and Fun With Traditional Chinese Lion Dance 80104 Set

Celebrate the Chinese tradition with the beginner-level Lego Miscellaneous Lion Dance 80104 set made up of over eight hundred Lego pieces. To enhance the model especially when the room is dark, Briksmax brings you eleven high-quality LEDs with handmade accessories that anyone even without electrical knowledge can install easily.

Light Kit For Lion Dance 80104

The Chinese Lion Dance is an age-old traditional celebration that takes place every year during the Chinese New Year, as well as, other religious and cultural celebrations. In several Asian countries, this carnival features extravagant lion-costumed movements that are said to bring fortune and good luck. The Lego Miscellaneous series pays tribute to this vibrant parade with the Lion Dance 80104 model made up of 882 Lego pieces. Designed for any 8+ years old Lego builder, this kid-friendly set is part of the Spring Festival –Chinese Festival Special edition. Whether you have some electrical knowledge or not, the premium lighting kit of Briksmax is easy to set up and will help you create a magical night look once the room is dark.

Specialties Of Lion Dance 80104 Set

Light Kit For Lion Dance 80104

The Lego light kit for 80104  can be installed when the set is properly assembled, otherwise, the delicate parts might get damaged and the small parts lost or mingled up. The light kit is suitable for anyone above six years of age.

The battery-free set stands five inches in height with seven inches width and one inch depth with five decorated dancing lion figures, percussion and dancing stages and Minifigurines. It comes with an easy-to-follow building instruction manual for ease of assembly.

Light Kit For Lion Dance 80104

The Lego light  kit will highlight the traditional accessories like rocket firework, red scroll with “best wishes” inscription, red orb, calligraphy brush, cabbage and the decorated tiles on the gate with traditional striking patterns.

It can be combined with the Chinese New Year Temple Fair 80105 set for an extensive look. There are eight Minifigures of lion dancers for role-playing and rat costumed man for marking the Year of the Rat along with podiums on the stage for the lion figures to dance and drumming feature on the percussionists’ stage.  

Highlighting Lion Dance 80104 With Lighting Kit  

Light Kit For Lion Dance 80104

Each LED for Lego set along with the accessories are to be tested properly and made sure that no item is missing in the box before you start installing. The sturdy box comes with separate plastic packets containing the lights and accessories while the bubble films keep them protected from external damage.

Make sure you follow each step and illustration on the universal instruction manual for easy installation. Keep the user guide safe for further installation help and the after-sales card as a guarantee of two years from the delivery date.

Light Kit For Lion Dance 80104

Pass the connecting cable smoothly between the stubs and conceal them properly. For lighting Lego set, you will get one large 30cm and one standard 30cm warm white LEDs, four 15cm and five 10cm warm white LEDs.

As the set comes without batteries, arrange the AA batteries for the two Oval CR2032 battery holders. Set up the Adhesive Square, an 8-port and a 12-port expansion boards and connect the two 30cm USB wires with the main power hub.

Always keep the main power below 5V as a precaution from electrical burns. If you notice any manufacturing issue, return the kit in a week and get a replacement.

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