The Impressive Lego Ninjago Legacy Destiny's Bounty 71705

Although consisting of nearly 1800 Lego pieces, the Lego Ninjago Destiny's Bounty 71705 set is a beginner-level model that can help you role-play as Spinjitzu warriors and build up the detailed Ninjago Ship. When night comes or the room gets dark, you do not have to worry as Briksmax offers you twenty-three premium lights and high-quality accessories that anyone, whether a layman or an expert can install.

Light Kit For Destiny's Bounty 71705

Since the airing of the first season of Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu, followed by its consistent popularity over the ten seasons, Lego enthusiasts, martial arts practitioners and animation fans have found a common ground. The Lego Ninjago series just lives up to that fandom with its kid-friendly sets like the Destiny’s Bounty 71705 model comprising 1781 pieces. Suitable for any 9+ years old, the interactive set features seven Minifigures of Kai, Zane, Cole, Samurai X, Jay, Young Llyod Garmadon and grandmaster Wu. The set requires no battery for recreating the action-packed moments, but the Briksmax lighting kit will enhance the beauty especially at night so that you see a vibrant model without overshadowing.         

Lightening Up Destiny's Bounty 71705 Model With Lighting Kit   

The Lego light kit for 71705 is suitable for anyone above six years of age, regardless of whether they know about electrics or not. The Lego ship standing twelve inches high, fifteen inches wide and seventeen inches long should be assembled properly before light installation if you do not want to risk losing, damaging or mixing up any delicate small part.

Recreate moments from season 1 of the series as you drop the ship anchor, move the sails or rotate the engines while fighting the villains on the ship. If you want to customize, make use of the fifteen Lego plates of random color given with the light kit.

Light Kit For Destiny's Bounty 71705

To know how to install each LED for Lego and the accessories, refer to the illustrated instruction book. The Lego set also features an instruction manual with steps that are easy to follow by kids.

Learn how to pass one 15cm, one 30cm and two 5cm connecting cables between the stubs with the help of a brick separator. As there is no battery in the light kit, arrange three batteries for the AA battery holder.

Light Kit For Destiny's Bounty 71705

You can light up Lego  Destiny’s Bounty ship with one small-sized red and one warm white strip lights, eight 15cm and one 30cm red lights, two 15cm yellow LEDs and two large 30cm, four standard 30cm and four 15cm warm white LEDs.

You need to test each accessory and light after opening the box and revealing those out of the bubble-wrapped plastic packets. In case of any defect, send back the kit within seven days of delivery so that a replacement can be issued for you.

Light Kit For Destiny's Bounty 71705

The Lego Ninjago light kit also includes one 12-port expansion board and two 8-port expansion boards. Set up the two Adhesive Squares and connect the 30cm power cable. To avoid electrical hazards, make sure that the main power is running below 5V.

The set also contains an after-sales card that bears a warranty of two years. The user guide book will help you in further light kit installation.

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