Lighting Super Heroes Black Panther: Royal Talon Fighter Attack

The Marvel Cinematic Universe has just finished phase three of the Avengers and if you are an avid sci-fi movie-buff or a comic book lover, you would definitely. Recognize Black Panther and his infamous battle with Killmonger and Klaue Apart from the male superheroes and villains, Marvel also gave you the fierce and intelligent Nakia, sister of Black Panther who created the Royal Talon Fighter to get rid of the villains of Wakanda and the earth. Lego superheroes series brings you the Royal Talon Fighter Attack 76100 set that will help you recreate the fighting scene vividly and with the introduction of Lego Black Panther light kit will let you create a dynamic lightened up look.

Lego Royal Talon Fighter Attack 76100 light kit

About the Royal Talon Fighter Attack 76100 Structure

Before you get the lighting kit for the Royal Talon kit, let us have a brief look at the structure that takes 358 Lego pieces and is appropriate for any kid aged in between seven and twelve years although adults too can enjoy assembling effortlessly. With 4 minifugures of Nakia, Black Panther, Ulysses Klaue and Killmonger, the mask-shaped fighter jet features two stud shooters, minifigure opening cockpit and also the prison compartment on the rear side. Two inches high, six inches wide and eight inches long, the Royal Talon structure also offers Killmonger’s mask and flick missile, two-disc blades of Nakia and the robotic ultrasonic hand of Klaue.  

light kit for  Royal Talon Fighter Attack 76100

The Light Kit for Royal Talon Fighter Attack

No matter whether it is day or night, the room lights are on or off, the bright LED lights will prevent overshadowing of this stunning structure. On completion of assembling the Royal Talon Fighter, open up the light kit to reveal the following –

  • Two warm white toned strip lights and six warm white toned LEDs with 15 cm length each will lighten up literally the entire sides, front and bottom side of the fighter plane while the seven 15 cm red LEDs keep the rear part highlighted.
  • Two expansion boards with 12 ports and 6 ports respectively are included in light kit for Lego Royal Talon Fighter Attack along with three connecting wires out of which two are 15 cm in length each and another has 5 cm length.

Royal Talon Fighter Attack 76100  3

  • You will get an adhesive square and as for the custom random colored Lego parts for better customization of the structure, you will get two 1x6 Lego plates and seven 1x2 Lego Flat tiles.
  • In order to build a connection with the main power, you need to connect the 30 cm USB cord with the USB hub while the AA batteries purchased separately need to be inserted inside the battery pack which powers up the lights.
  • While the after sales warranty card is like your guarantee for the authenticity of the light kit, the instruction manual and user guide of the light kit for Lego set will help you in easy installation of the accessories even if you are a layman in electrics.

Royal Talon Fighter Attack 76100  light kit

High-quality LEDs and light accessories offering sufficient brightness to the structure, are packed inside separate plastic packs and are wrapped with bubble film inside the box to prevent handling damage.


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