Summer 2019 Magical Light Kit Hack for Lego Set

The summer is here and while you find the sunny outdoors really charming, those who wish to stay indoors and wish to get engaged with something skillful like Lego building, there is always something special waiting for you. Building various structures, some according to the Lego set design and some according to your own desire, always requires your mind to be calm and composed while coming up with new ideas to customize. The Lego lights are designed by Lightailing so that your creativity does not stay contained within the boundaries of assembling pieces but also lightening the structure up. No matter whether you are still a young at heart enthusiast or introducing the world of Lego to your kids, the lighting accessories are safe to install as all they need is to be plugged in and the lights will play.

Light kit for starwars death star

Light Kit Hacks That You Should Know

Do you wish to create a magical night view of the London skyline or the Hogwarts Castle? Does the Bugatti Chiron structure no longer engage the attention when the room lights are off? This and many other structures from different series of Lego namely Ideas, Creator, Technic, Architecture, Harry Potter, Avengers, Star Wars, Disney can get their required highlight once you have installed them properly. Here are the important things to know –

light kit for lego Bugatti Car

  • The Lego light kit comes packed inside the original Lightailing box within which each accessory are kept in separate plastic packets wrapped in bubble film. Open up the packets only when you have finished building any structure otherwise, the small parts might end up getting mixed with the Lego pieces and even get damaged before being used.
  • On opening the packs, check minutely whether all the contents as mentioned on the box is included. If something is missing, ask for a return. If there is everything, check the contents minutely to ensure that there is no external damage. Although in such a protective package, the damage is not possible, still, if you find any part to be broken or tampered, ask for a replacement.

light kit for lego Disney Castle

  • Available with the Lego lighting kits, the instruction manual and user guide will be your best guide to installation. Being written in the universally accepted language, you will understand each step in detail.
  • For the best and long-lasting result, make sure you attach the LED lights and wires properly, not forcibly. As the lights are small, they should be placed in a way they lighten up the required section and the spare wires are hidden so that they do not ruin the overall look of the structure. When you light up Lego, pass the wires under or in between the Lego pieces effortlessly so that they lie comfortably.

light kit for Simpsons house set

  • Get some spare AA batteries for the battery pack because in case one of the batteries fuses, you do not have to keep the structure in darkness for long. Always prepare the USB hub and battery boxes before attaching lights with cables to ensure safe functionality. Do a test to see whether all the lights are glowing and keep the power supply below 5 Volts.

So, now that you have learned the hacks of light kit installation, why not read the manual, attach the lights and switch on the lights to see how it actually works? The result is always better when you experience it in dark.      



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