Eye Capturing Power of Lighting Dozer Compactor 42071

If you are tired of building the smaller sized cars and wish to try something larger like a dozer compactor, the Lego Dozer Compactor 42071 will be a perfect choice for you as well as your little ones. Yes, with only 171 pieces, the structure is one of the simplest structures in Lego Technic series and is suitable for kids aged between eight and twelve years old. Still, if you are creating a large scale structure with different sets or just feel like assembling a small structure like this, give it a try because its eye-catching grey, blue, orange and black color scheme makes it a stunning replica. With light kit for Lego set you can highlight the color even more along with the realistic detailing like working steering wheel and blade, sturdy compactor wheels and the driver’s cab.

light kit for Dozer Compactor 42071

Things That You Can Expect From Lighting Kit

If you are not sure about whether the light accessories would be excellent choices, have a look at the accessories which you will find inside the sturdy BriksMax box.  After you have assembled the structure fully, open up the box and unpack the bubble-wrap films around the plastic bags, inside which you will find the following –

  • For lighting Dozer Compactor 42071, you will get one blue LED light with 15 cm length, two red lights with 15 cm length each, one warm white toned 15 cm light and two white LEDs with 15 cm length. The blue light located in between the front wheels lightens up the wheels and the bottom section while the warm white light on the hood offers a bright look of the driver’s seating area. The headlights are red and the dozer has two white lights.

light up lego Dozer Compactor 42071

  • One USB cable measuring 30 cm connects the USB Hub with the main power source while the battery pack connects the LED wires and lights. Get AA batteries to power up the lights.
  • The pack includes one expansion board having 8 ports, one adhesive square and also two Trans Clear 1x1 Lego Round Plates for customization of the actual structure.
  • You will get a user guide book and instructions book with the light kit for Dozer Compactor 42071 so that installing the lights is not an issue to you. The light accessories are designed with high-quality materials so that anyone can enjoy lightening up the dozer without even any electrical knowledge.

The Dozer Compactor Structure

light kit for Dozer Compactor 42071 set

As a two-in-one replica model, the Lego set can actually be transformed from the dozer into the articulated truck and the lights too can be customized accordingly. All you need to keep in mind is that the delicate LED wires should be passed through the pieces in a way they don’t get tampered by the forced installation. The wire under or between the plates should lie comfortably and neither the lights nor the wires should cover the structure in any way –conceal the spare parts under the bricks properly.

Add stylish stickers or steer the Lego dozer in any desired position, raise or lower the blade or customize the lights –the kit will let you experiment freely. Your structure will no longer hide in darkness but be lightened up.

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