Give Glimpse to Mia’s Tree House 41335

Having a tree house is something almost every kid dreams of since childhood when fairy tales are indispensable parts of life. No matter whether it is possible to have your real tree house or not, a Lego tree house can fulfill your childhood desire and with this, you can even let your kids have the slice of childhood fun that you were lucky to have. The Lego Mia’s Tree House 41335 structure with its 351 Lego pieces is a kid-friendly kit from Lego Friends series and is perfect for kids aged between six to twelve years old. Just as assembling the pieces is not a big deal for your kid, adding light kit for Lego Friends Mia’s Tree House is a simple task for them especially if you are there to guide them. Built for anyone with or without electrical knowledge, the lighting accessories are of high quality and require you to the only plug-in so that the lights play seamlessly.

lego Mia’s Tree House light kit

 A Look inside the Lighting Kit For Mia’s Tree House

With high-quality lights, you will get sufficient brightness for the Lego Mia’s Tree House structure and hence, will no longer have to worry about the room being dark. Your kids’ perfectly assembled structure will not be overshadowed but rather highlight the main parts to make the structure more appealing.

Mia’s Tree House lego set light kit

  • One warm white toned Strip light, one blue light measuring 30 cm and eight warm white toned light measuring 15 cm each are the main light accessories in light kit Mia’s Tree House. The attic, roof, terrace and the balcony of the tree house will be lightened up with these LED lights.
  • In case you have lost some piece from the original Lego kit or just wish to pave way for some customization, there is the 1x6 Lego Plate. Besides, you will also get two adhesive squares and an expansion board with 12 ports.

light kit for Mia’s Tree House lego set

  • In order to power up the LED lights and accessories, you will need to buy AA batteries separately as these are not included inside the kit. You will get one battery pack where you can insert the batteries.
  • For lighting Lego set Lego Friends Mia’s House 2019, you will get connecting cables and the USB power cord measuring 30 cm to connect the lights with the main power via a USB hub.
  • To make sure you have no issue while connecting the accessories, it is recommended to refer to the user guide and especially the instruction manual where each step is described in detail. Keep the after sales warranty card inside the box safely.

Things To Remember While Adding Lights

light up lego Mia’s Tree House set

Once you have assembled the Lego structure and placed the minifigures of Daniel, Mia, the Bunny named Mimi and the bird named Cinnamon, unpack the box and check out the light kit for 41335 sets. Check whether all the accessories are in proper shape. You can easily customize the structure and even add other structures to create a large scale scenario –all the respective light kits would be connected to the main power source. Last, but not the least, make sure to pass the wires and lights in between or beneath the pieces to avoid tampering.      


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