Quick Way to Enhance Lego Simpsons Design

If you used to watch the Simpsons on television during your childhood days, well, your childhood was awesome. That being said, another addition to awesomeness since your childhood days might have been building the Lego structures. What could have been more enjoyable than being able to assemble the Lego pieces and build the famous Lego Simpsons House or the popular Kwik E-Mart from the very show? Be it an adult Simpson’s lover or a kid who is getting introduced to the Simpsons family, giving ideas a precise shape through Lego bricks will always be a great leisurely activity. While concentration and skill are needed for assembling over 2000 pieces of the said structures, adding the LED lights to the structures is hardly complicated.

Simpsons House light kit

The Simpsons House

Designed for anyone over 12 years old, the Lego Simpsons House 71006 comes with 2523 pieces including the adorable six mini-figures of Ned Flanders, Bart, Marge, Homer, Maggie, and Lisa. The two storied house features the first floor where you can add oven, sink, tiled floor, stove, pots, cups, plates, cutlery, table chairs, and other small knickknacks. The living room includes a running television, telephone, couch, piano, staircase, and carpet while the bathroom features toilet, sink, mirror, and shower.

You can lighten up Bart’s room with a bed, desk, chair, bookshelves, etc. as well as the bedroom of Homer and Marge featuring bed, crib, table, etc. The lighting kit is also available for Lisa’s room with a bed, table, stool, vanity mirror, bookshelves, jazz poster, and backpack. You will get to assemble the family car with opening trunk and the detachable garage featuring various tools. The structure also features outdoor area with garden loungers, grill, air conditioner, flower pots, skateboard ramp, etc and you can customize it with Lego Simpson House light kit.

Kwik E-Mart 71016

Light Kit For The Kwik-E-Mart

You can create a shopping scenario featuring the mini-figures of Bart, Homer, Marge, Chief Wiggum, Jailbird and Apu inside the convenience store of Kwik E-Mart. Appropriate for Lego enthusiasts of over 12 years of age, this Lego kit comprises of 2179 pieces which excellently depict the aisles of the store filled with fruits, vegetables, beauty products, dog food diapers and so on. White LED lights to the interior make sure onlooker can check out the vegetable garden, counter, Buzz Cola fountain, refrigerated cases, ATM, Powersauce bars, coffee machine, juice blenders, arcade games and many more.

Light up lego The Kwik-E-Mart

The light kit for Lego Kwik E-Mart can be used to highlight the store shelves filled with various materials, the inside of the refrigerated compartments and even the counter featuring cash register, lottery machine, donut display, quite dispenser and display of cards and magazines. You can add LED lights to Wiggum’s car having a removable roof and opening trunk. The additional accessories include shopping baskets, truncheon, cuffs, broom, etc. This set lets you customize various scenes from the Simpsons show and even create your own choice of episodes like discovering frozen Jasper or arresting Snake from robbing.

Always make sure you have spare AA batteries to power up the LED lights connected with wires. Complete assembling your structure first and then pass the wires and lights beneath or between the pieces to avoid tampering.



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