5 Light Kit Installation Guidelines for Old Fishing Store

Coming up with new ideas in creating various buildings, robots, spaceships, and other structures has always been possible with Lego Ideas sets. No matter whether you have an inclination towards the sci-fi scenarios or Disney fairytale, automobile or common buildings –there is something for every enthusiast. While in your childhood, you would have been satiated with only being able to assemble an entire structure, now you have the amazing LED lighting kits to make your structures look glorious as ever. The Lego Old Fishing Store 21310 is one of the creative sets from the Ideas category and it will let you create a beachside fishing store filled with every fishing tidbit.

 Light up Lego set

5 Installation Guidelines for the Lego Lights

Before you start unpacking the lighting kit for your Lego Fishing Store, here are five essential installation tips that will help you –

Complete Assembling The Lego Pieces Before Adding Lights

As much you feel the thrill of installing the lights with the Lego structure, the idea is to wait till you finish assembling the entire set. As the Lego creator light kit consists of small-sized LED bulbs, delicate wires, and other accessories, these can easily get mixed up with the small Lego bricks and plates. Once you have completed assembling, you will get an idea of where to add lights.

Thoroughly Check Each Accessory Before Setting Up

After unpacking the box, open up each plastic packet neatly to check whether the accessories especially the lights and wires are safe from any harm. If you find the box is tampered or has broken the seal, it is better to ask for a replacement. Make sure you handle the accessories properly to avoid tampering.

Lighting old fishing store

Refer To The User Guide And Instruction Book

The light kit for Lego set 21310 comes equipped with a thoroughly described user guide just as you get for the Lego set along with an instruction manual where step by step installation is depicted in detail. Follow the instructions properly and once you are comfortable with installation to try customizing.  

Install The Lights And Wires Delicately And Properly

The lights should always be concealed properly in a way that they do not overshadow the Lego structure. Besides, you have to pass the wires comfortably between or beneath the Lego stubs so that they do not tamper forcibly. Connect the wires with the lights and hide the spare parts below a Lego piece.

light kit for Old Fishing store

Connect The USB Hub To Main Power And Test Functionality

Once you have properly assembled the accessories to light up Lego Old Fishing Store 21310, it is time to do a test plug and play. Connect the wires with USB and battery pack, make sure that the batteries are properly inserted and connect the USB hub with main power. The lights should be properly lit without any flickering.

Installing the lighting kit might seem like a complicated matter altogether but actually, it is quite a simple task which you can perform even with your kids who are over 12 years old. Be it the balcony or the porch, the detailed exterior or the accessories filled the interior, lighting up the set will be magic in itself.   



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