Lighting The Rexcelsior 70839 Set From Lego Movie 2

The Rexcelsior! 70839 set from the Lego Movie 2 series with over 1800 pieces is an extensive model that kids and adults will love to assemble. Briksmax offers 41 custom handmade LED lights and accessories to lighten up this model when the room is dark.

Those animated movie fans who have watched The Lego Movie 2 that was released in 2019, would be familiar with the navy blue Rexcelsior. With 1826 Lego pieces, the Lego version of The Rexcelsior! 70839 will let any 11+ years old enthusiast the opportunity to recreate the super vehicle as seen in the movie. Standing seven inches high, fifteen inches long and eight inches wide, the toy offers a plethora of intergalactic space adventures featuring the favorite characters from the movie. Briksmax provides a high-quality, handmade and customized lighting kit that you can install in the structure even without any electrical knowledge.

Specialties Of The Rexcelsior! 70839 Set

Assemble the entire structure before you open up the light kit for The Rexcelsior 70839 set  and test each accessory inside the respective plastic packets. You will find no battery in the light kit, so get the required batteries beforehand.

Recreate different stories with the toy Minifigures of Rex Dangervest and Stubble Trouble Emmet, the microfigures of Rex and Emmet and the micro raptors i.e. three metallic and two dark blue figures. Also included are micro builds to include inside the toy such as a forklift, a dropship, two interceptors, and Emmet’s house.

With the best Lego light, you can highlight the spaceship with large boosters, opening cockpit for two Minifigures, opening doors, roofs that can be lifted off and microscale detailed interior featuring various compartments and rooms.

The rear side of the ship comes with a triggered handle for activating the rapid-fire feature, a spring-loaded shooter with six missiles and the ammo storage compartment having six additional missiles.

Highlighting The Rexcelsior! 70839 Set With Light Kit  

Anyone above six years old can install the lights and accessories with or without electrical skills. You will get an after-sale card with a manufacturer warranty of one year with the light kit for Lego set. Keep the brick separators properly so that the wires can be passed smoothly.

The user guide will help in the latter light kit installation while the two illustrated instruction manuals in the universal language will help in each step of installation.

Set up the battery pack by inserting the AA batteries and the USB hub by connecting the 30cm power cord.

Place the three Adhesive Squares in their respective spaces and prepare the two 12-port expansion boards, one 8-port expansion board and six 6-port expansion boards.

Light up The Rexcelsior 70839  with three white light strips, four 10cm and four 15cm white LEDs, one large 15cm LED of warm white tone, three 15cm and five 30cm warm white LEDs, sixteen 10cm green LEDs, two slow flashing 30cm green lights and three 15cm blue LEDs.

There are two 5cm, two 30cm and seven 15cm connecting wires in the light kit. Make sure that no cable is passed between the stubs forcibly or is seen as obvious to the exterior.

The main power should never go equal to or beyond 5V as that can cause electrical burns. Also, with defective and broken light accessories, hazards are common –make sure if you find any quality problem, you get the light kit replaced by returning it within a week.   





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