Marvelous Architecture Skylines: Dubai 21052 Set

Create a Lego version of the magnificent night skyline of Dubai with the Dubai 21052 set and bring out your architect self. Without sufficiently bright lights, the skyline looks dull, and hence you will have the handmade customizable LED lighting kit from Briksmax that an electronics expert, as well as a layman, can install.

Wannabe architects or professional architects will agree with the fact that the Dubai skyline is one of the most upscale in the world. The Lego Architecture series does not compromise with this status as the Dubai 21052 model with the world-famous buildings speaks on behalf of the capital city’s architectural history, designing excellence, travel, and heritage. No matter how dedicated you are in assembling the model, it gets overshadowed or oblivious when the night comes or the room lights are turned off. Any 6+ years old enthusiast can brighten up the Dubai skyline with the premium lighting kit of Briksmax.

Special Features Of Dubai 21052 Set

To avoid losing or tampering with any delicate parts from the best light kit, you need to complete the structure first. With 740 Lego pieces to assemble, this skyline model demands perfection and accuracy in assembly to represent the replica and this is why it is age-appropriate for anyone above sixteen years old.

  • Travelers who have visited or dream about visiting Dubai or architecture enthusiasts would love to add the futuristic touch to the buildings. Even Lego beginners can recreate the miniatures by following the instructions with easy steps.
  • The light kit for Lego Architecture set  will highlight the tallest building in the world that was completed in 2010 –the Burj Khalifa with the sail-shaped Burj Al Arab Jumeirah –a seven-star hotel on one side and the five-star hotel Jumeirah Emirates Towers with the magnanimous Dubai Frame on another side. Also highlighted on the display base is the Dubai Fountain system on Burj Khalifa Lake.

Highlighting The Dubai 21052 Set With Light Kit

There is no need to learn about electrics while installing the Lego Architecture lighting kit, however, you need to get the required number of AA batteries as those are not included in the kit. Keep the brick separators in place to pass the cables smoothly and prevent damaging them from forcible entry.

There are four Lego pieces of random color that you can use for customization with the Lego model. The user guide in the light kit for Dubai 21052 set  will be helpful in the latter installation while the universal instruction manual will be helpful in the step by step installation with illustrations.

Prepare the AA battery box and the USB hub with the 30cm power cord. Place the Adhesive Squares along with the 8-port and 12-port expansion boards. In between the stubs, pass the 15cm connecting wire so that it remains hidden.

Light up Lego set  with the two 30cm and three 15cm dot lights of ice blue tone, two 30cm and seven 15cm LEDs of warm white tone and two slow flashing 15cm colored lights.

The after-sales card carries a manufacturer warranty of a year for any quality issue. However, if you find any broken and defective part within a week of delivery, get it returned and replaced.       



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