Lightsaber- A Distinctive Weapon Of Jedi!

Give your Lego Minifigures the perfect colored lightsabers from Lightailing to make the galactic wars more thrilling. The handmade LED flashing lights will make these lightsabers suitable for reenacting any scene from the Star Wars saga.

Star Wars Lightsaber

The world-famous sci-fi saga of Star Wars has never ceased to mesmerize the nerds and movie enthusiasts who have become familiar with each character from the movies since the beginning. The Lego Star Wars franchise is there to uphold the craze among the fans while encouraging new people into the fandom. With hundreds of Lego models from the movie saga, you can reimagine various scenes and even lighten up those models with high-quality LED lights, thanks to Lightailing. So long, you have enjoyed highlighting the entire sets with different colored LEDs and now Lightailing has brought you the handmade Lightsaber with a plethora of light options to choose from.

What Are The Specialties Of Lightailing Lightsaber

Star Wars Lightsaber

The Lego Star Wars lights  might often seem insufficient if you cannot highlight the trademark weapons of each character while recreating a battle scene. What is better, you do not require any electrical skills to add the LEDs because it is a plug-and-play option for laymen and experts alike.

As the premium LEDs for the Lightsaber are very small in size and delicate, you should always finish assembling the entire Lego sets and lighten the main sections before adding lights to the small lightsaber(s) of the Minifigure(s). Be careful while handling the lights to keep those safe from losing, damaging, mixing or causing choking hazards among kids.

Star Wars Lightsaber

The Lego light for Lightsaber is age-appropriate for any Lego builder above six and kids should use these under adult supervision. Lightailing offers white, warm white, blue, red, colorful slow flashing, colorful flashing, red flashing, yellow, pink, purple and green lights.

The common structures from the Lego Star Wars series that can look beautiful with the lighting lightsaber are –

  • Yoda 75255 (green)
  • Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing Fighter™ 75301 (blue)
  • Obi-Wan's Hut 75270 (blue)
  • Kylo Ren's Shuttle™ Microfighter 75264 (red)
  • Anakin's Jedi™ Interceptor 75281 (green and blue)
  • Death Star™ Final Duel 75291 (blue, green, red and white)
  • AT-AT™ 75288 (blue)
  • Duel on Starkiller Base™ 75236 (blue and red)
  • Bespin™ Duel 75294 (blue and red)
  • Rey 75528 and 41602 (blue)
  • Finn 75116 (blue)

Star Wars Lightsaber

  • Kylo Ren 75117 and 41603 (red)
  • Darth Vader 75111, 41619 and 75534 (red)
  • Luke Skywalker™ & Yoda™ 41627
  • Darth Maul 75537 (red)
  • Shadow Troopers 75079 (red)
  • Sith Infiltrator™ Microfighter 75224 (red)
  • Darth Vader™ Magnet (red)
  • Jedi™ and Clone Troopers™ Battle Pack 75206 (blue)
  • Darth Vader™ Transformation 75183 (red)
  • General Grievous' Combat Speeder 75199 (purple, green, blue and red)
  • Betrayal at Cloud City™ 75222 (blue and red)
  • Ewok Village 10236
Each light for Lego  should be tested properly once you open the bubble-wrapped package. You can connect it with other lighting wires of the main structure or just display it independently with a separate power source. The lightsaber lights will look great if you display your collection of Star Wars Minifigures with lightsabers together.

    Each light kit has a warranty for two years from the date of delivery. Besides, there is a replacement widow valid for a week, within which, you can return any defective light or those that arrived broken.

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