An Incredible Detail Build Of Lego City 60229 Rocket Assembly & Transport

Kids and adults with interest in astronomy, space vehicles and rockets can enjoy assembling over a thousand pieces of the Lego City Rocket Assembly & Transport 60229 model. High-quality accessories and 30 premium LEDs from Briksmax lighting kit can help preventing the model from overshadowing regardless of day and night.

Light Kit For Rocket Assembly & Transport 60229

Inspire your next generation to learn about astronomy and nurture their dream of becoming an astronaut with the Lego Rocket Assembly & Transport 60229 set. With 1054 Lego pieces, this kid-friendly set from the Lego City series is age-appropriate for any 7+ years old enthusiast. Taking inspiration from the rocket launch vehicle by NASA, this set encourages independent Lego building opportunity. With accessories like a shovel, a laptop, a mug, a walkie-talkie, lab tools and two geodes added in June 2019, the set also features the ground build and light pole. Once the Lego building is complete, add the handmade light kit from Briksmax or Lightailing.

Specialties Of Rocket Assembly & Transport 60229  Set

Light Kit For Rocket Assembly & Transport 60229

To avoid mixing up or damaging any delicate and small accessory and light for Lego, always open the light kit box after completing the set. Also, arrange the batteries required for the AA battery box as there is none in the light kit.

There are seven Minifigures including two ground crew technicians, two astronauts, a scientist, the Launch Director and the lab mechanic along with the robot figure.

The rocket assembly frame building features a crane, winch with a rover lab that has raising platform, opening doors, rotating arm tool, rotating screen, computer and rotating satellite dish at toy launch control room.

Light Kit For Rocket Assembly & Transport 60229

The Lego City set light kit will highlight the huge multi-stage rocket that has rover payload module and cockpit module for two Minifigures. The huge rocket transport crawler has opening cab, track wheels and tilting launchpad with rocket cradle support.

The rover transporting truck comes with flatbed and articulated grappling arm that was added in June 2019 while the rover has an extending arm with drill bit. You can tilt the rocket cradle and mobile launchpad on crawler into position for rocket launch.

Highlighting Rocket Assembly & Transport 60229 With Light Kit

Light Kit For Rocket Assembly & Transport 60229

The Lego 60229 Rocket Assembly & Transport light kit  designed for any enthusiast aged above six years comes with warranty of 2 years. You should test each light and accessory before the final setup to avoid further complication.

Two illustrated instruction books written in the universal language is provided for step-by-step installation. Customize with sixteen random colored Lego plates. The user guide helps in future installations. The after-sales card safe as it guarantees 2-year manufacturing warranty.

Light Kit For Rocket Assembly & Transport 60229

The Lego light kit includes one small warm white and four white light strips, nine slow-flashing 15cm yellow lights, three 15cm and three 30cm warm white LEDs, two 15cm and four 10cm red LEDs and two 15cm and two 30cm yellow LEDs. One 5cm, five 15cm and three 50cm connecting cables can be inserted smoothly with a brick separator.

Insert batteries in two AA battery packs and one Oval CR2032 battery box. Set up two Adhesive Squares, one 30cm USB cord along with two 8-port and five 6-port expansion boards.

To avoid damage, the lights and accessories are packed separately in plastic packets that have air-bubble wrapping. Light kits with any manufacturing defect can be replaced by returning within seven days of delivery.   

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