Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge Heroic Missions With This Lighting Lego Resistance I-TS Transport 75293

The kid-friendly Lego Star Wars Resistance I-TS Transport 75293 with over nine hundred Lego pieces helps you recreate different moments from the movie saga or use your creativity to present new stories. With 13 high-quality LED lights and handmade accessories, Briksmax makes sure that you never worry about overshadowing when it is dark.

Light Kit For Resistance I-TS Transport 75293

If you have ever been to Orlando or Anaheim, visiting the 14-acre theme park named Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge will be a dream come true. For any Star Wars fan visiting Disneyland Resort in California or Disney’s Hollywood Studios from Walt Disney World in Florida, this park inspired by the famous sci-fi saga will offer a journey through the movie scenes. The Lego Star Wars series brings you the moderate-level Resistance I-TS Transport 75293 comprising 932 pieces so that anyone above nine years old can reminisce in the moments spent at any of the above-mentioned parks or have a virtual experience even if they have not visited. Once you have finished building the structure, reveal the premium lighting kit of Briksmax from bubble-wrapped packets inside the box.    

Specialties Of Resistance I-TS Transport 75293 Set

Light Kit For Resistance I-TS Transport 75293

The Lego Star Wars set light kit can be installed by anyone with or without electrical skills and you should make sure that small delicate parts are kept away from infants due to choking hazard risks.

The step-by-step instructions with illustration will help you assemble the Lego pieces with the confidence of a Jedi warrior. The transport stands above 3 inches in height, 6.5 inches in width and 13.5 inches in length.

Light Kit For Resistance I-TS Transport 75293

Use Lego lighting kit to highlight the Minifigure cockpit, four rotating stud shooters near the cockpit, four battle action stud shooters at the rear side, cargo hold to accommodate the droids, opening sides and shuttle top that can be lifted off.

There are Minifigures of Vi Moradi and Lieutenant Bek along with GNK power Droid figure and Astromech for endless role-playing. Combine the set with other Star Wars sets, engage in different Resistance missions or use it for display.

Highlighting Resistance I-TS Transport 75293 With Light Kit

Light Kit For Resistance I-TS Transport 75293

Anyone above six can install the light kit for Lego Resistance I-TS Transport 75293 as it comes with a plug-and-play design. There is a 2-year manufacturer warranty on the light kit with the after-sales card.

Ten random colored complimentary Lego plates are given for customization or as substitutes. You will get the illustrated universal instruction book to guide you through the installation steps while the user guide comes in handy in further installation.

Light Kit For Resistance I-TS Transport 75293

Use the brick separator to insert two 15cm connecting wires smoothly between the Lego stubs. Connect the 30cm cable to the USB power hub. Set up two Adhesive Squares with a 6-port and a 12-port expansion boards. Arrange three batteries for the AA battery holder.

It is mandatory to test each light for Lego 75293 and accessory after unboxing. The top cannons, opening cockpit, headlights and taillights are highlighted with one small warm white light strip, one large 30cm light and eight 30cm dot lights of warm white tone and three ice-blue 15cm dot lights.

If you find any defect within seven days of delivery, send the package back and a replacement will be issued. Keep the main power below 5V to stay safe from electrical burns.  




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