Make Your Lego Winter Holiday Train 10254 Set Christmas Decoration Center Of Attraction

The Winter Holiday Train 10254 set can be the perfect addition to your Christmas themed Lego structures and with the LED lights from Briksmax and Lightailing, the train gets a complete look. Regardless of your skill in electrics, the lighting kit is easy to install by following the instruction manual.

When the snow sticks to the ground and the locality becomes vibrant with fairy lights and Christmas tree decorations, your heart is sure to feel the festive vibe. With the Lego Winter Holiday Train 10254 set, you can redirect that cheerful mood into assembling the colorful pieces and add LED lights to create a Christmas special look for the train. This Lego Creator model with 734 pieces is perfect for anyone above twelve years old and the detailed interior with space for the five Minifigures of the locomotive driver, grandmother, ticket collector, the boy, and the girl along with the toy robot makes way for endless play opportunities.  

Special Features to Lighten Up In Winter Holiday Train 10254

Before you light up Legos, make sure you assemble the entire structure properly, arrange the sixteen curved railway tracks measuring 27” diameter in a circular shape for the train and place the Minifigures.

  • The Holiday Train can be lightened up with the 16 curved tracks, boarding platform, lamppost, bench, coal tender, flatbed wagon, rotating Christmas tree and red caboose featuring table and detailed interior. The tree rotates when the train moves and the ticket collector Minifigure can be placed inside the caboose for a cocoa treat.  
  • With the Lego light kit, you can highlight the dark tan colored windows, cowcatcher, roller skates, train buffers, red small and large locomotive wheels of the train along with its decorative parts like green wreaths, white tree pieces, string lights, tiny buildable toys like micro train, fire truck, wind-up truck, sailboat, spaceship, and the remote-controlled robot and wrapped gifts. The train engine offers to upgrade power functions namely 88000, 88002, 8879 and 8884.

Learn How to Install Light Kit for Winter Holiday Train Set

As of the batch for 11th December this year, the light kit for Lego Winter Holiday Train  is available on pre-order. Get yours before Christmas and after unboxing the package and unwrapping the bubble films around the plastic packets, test each accessory to make sure they work properly and there is no handling damage.

  • There are 15 random colored Lego bricks that you can add in the existing structure for some customization. Refer to the universal instruction book with illustrated installation steps and the user guide for ease of light set up no matter whether you have any electrical skill or not.
  • Prepare the brick separators to light up Lego bricks bypassing the four 15cm connecting wires and one 5cm connecting wire comfortably through the Lego pieces without tampering. Set up the two Adhesive Squares, a 30cm USB cord and the CR2032 Oval and AA battery packs with batteries bought separately. Also prepare the 8-port, 12-port and five 6-port expansion boards.
  • Two 10cm and two 15cm yellow LEDs, three 30cm white LEDs and eight 15cm warm white LEDs are offered for the train and the tree. Among the slow flashing 15cm LEDs, you will get two yellow, two blue, two red and nine colored lights.

The small Lego pieces and the lighting accessories from Lightailing can cause choking hazards, that being said, it is recommended to keep these away from kids below six years old. The after-sale card offers a 2-years manufacturer warranty and after delivery, you can replace and return within 7 days in case of any damaged item.  

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