Best Sparkling Light Kit For Lego Christmas Gift To Adorable Toddler

As your toddler starts to play with Lego structures, nothing can be better than gifting the Christmas themed models and help them set up the lights from Lightailing. This Christmas, spend time with your kids and guide them through the assembling process of bricks and installation of lights.

Christmas brings joy and laughter to every household, along with gifts from the jolly old Santa. The Lego Creator series has always tried to bring out a cheerful vibe through the Christmas themed models and as the days are soon approaching 25th December, surprise your kids with the premium and handmade LED lighting kit for their Lego structures so that they can enjoy the light show day and night while also learning from you how to install the lights.  

Santa’s Workshop 10245 Light Kit

The 883-piece model gets a new look with the light kit for Santa’s Workshop that includes a multicolor changing string, five slow flashing 30cm white LEDs, a warm white light strip and seven 15cm and two 30cm LEDs with warm white tone. Lighten up the Christmas tree, the golden and red sleigh, four reindeer, detailed interior to the building and the clock tower by connecting the 15cm and 30cm wires with 8-port and 12-port expansion boards and the 30cm USB cord. Battery packs, two Adhesive Squares, four 1x4 Lego plates, and a Trans Round 1x1 Plate are also offered.

Winter Holiday Train 10254 Light Kit

With the light kit for Lego Winter Holiday Train, you can lighten up the rotating Christmas tree, the detailed cabin interior, the Christmas decorations on the train and the headlights of this 734-piece model. Among slow flashing lights of 15cm length, you will get two yellow, nine colored, two red and two blue LEDs, two 15cm and two 10cm yellow lights, eight warm white 15cm LEDs and three white 30cm lights. Five 6-port, one 8-port, and one 12-port expansion boards are there with an AA battery pack and CR2032 Oval pack. A 5cm and four 15cm cables, a 30cm USB cable and 15 random Lego pieces are also included.

Gingerbread House 10267 Light Kit

Help your toddlers in assembling 1477 pieces of the Lego model and set up the light kit for Gingerbread House  so that they can make a replica of their edible gingerbread delicacies. To lighten up the frosted roofs, candy buttons, façade with walking sticks and columns made of candy cane, tinted windows, glowing fireplace, interior, baby carriage, snow blower, and chimney stack, there are two multicolored strings, a warm white light strip, five 10cm and five 15cm warm white LEDs and two yellow 15cm LEDs.   

Winter Village Station 10259 Light Kit

The light kit for Winter Village Station  includes six 15cm and six 30cm LEDs of warm white tint and five strip lights of warm white tone to highlight the clock tower, grade crossing, platform, lampposts, green trees and mailbox from the station, the ticket counter window, coffee shop with detailed interior and removable roof and the festive bus with stunning interior. The 8-port and 12-port expansion boards, AA battery pack and CR2032 battery pack, four-round 1x1 plates and five 1x6 plates will complete the structure.

You should keep the delicate and small parts away from the reach of the toddlers and make sure an adult is present when the kid is trying to build the Lego structure. Follow instructions from the manual to set up lights and show them to your kids when complete.      

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