Christmas Surprise- Light up the Home of Santa's Mystery land

This Christmas, create your virtual world of Santa’s village and a festive vibe of the town with the LED lighting kit from Lightailing and Briksmax. Regardless of your electrical skill and age, building the Lego structures and adding the lights are highly addictive and easy.

Can you imagine Christmas without Santa Claus? Similarly, keeping your Lego structures without the LED lights look incomplete because they would lack the vibrant and cheerful look. Christmas is at your doorstep and while the cooking enthusiasts are busy preparing gingerbread dolls, puddings, pies, and cakes, Lego enthusiasts can keep up the celebration with the Christmas models that are made vibrant with bright LED lights. Just as the streets, shops, and buildings have got a new look with fairy lights and lanterns, your Lego structures would also get lighting kits from Lightailing so that they never remain in dark even when the room is dark.

Christmas Carole Scenario with Winter Toy Shop

Light up Legos  of the Toy Shop to bring alive the Christmas Carole moments surrounding the male and female caroler, two boys, a girl, two men, and a woman. With 898 pieces, the structure has a large tree with accessories, a snowman, ornate street light and the toy shop with ladder, bench, cash register, and various gifts. All these can be lightened up with three multicolored light strings, a warm white light strip, and three warm white 30cm LEDs.  

A Cozy Family Gathering at Gingerbread House

The 1477-piece Lego Gingerbread House looks cuter with the gingerbread Minifigures of man and woman with the baby. With the Lego LED light kits including the two multicolored light strings, two yellow 15cm LEDs, one warm white strip, five 10cm and five 15cm warm white LEDs, you can highlight the façade adorned with candy, Christmas tree, glowing fireplace, chocolate bed in the bedroom, fireplace and bathroom with bathtub and toilet.    

See The Activities at Santa’s Workshop

Place the Minifigures of Santa with his red gift sack, four elves and Mrs. Claus carrying cookie tray in the 883-piece Workshop model where you will find Christmas tree, golden-red sleigh, clock tower, stained glass windows, and detailed interior. The light kit for Home of Santa’s Mystery land  includes a multicolored light string, a strip light, two 30cm and seven 15cm warm white LEDs and five slow flashing 30cm white LEDs.  

Take A Ride On Winter Holiday Train From Winter Village Station

Nothing can be a more appropriate addition to the 902-piece Winter Village Station than the Winter Holiday Train made of 734 pieces. While the light kit for the station comprises of six 15cm and six 30cm warm white LEDs along with five warm white light strips, that of the Holiday Train comes with two 10cm and two 15cm yellow LEDs, two slow flashing 15cm yellow lights, three 30cm white, eight 15cm warm white, two slow flashing 15cm red and two blue lights and nine colored slow flashing 15cm lights.  

Start The Firefighter’s Party at Winter Village Fire Station

Light up Lego bricks  of the Winter Village Fire Station that has 1166 pieces including the Minifigures of three firefighters decorating Christmas tree or eating a hot dog or having coffee, a hockey player at the ice-skating rink, a musician playing saxophone, Dalmatian and the girl with a baby. You will get a multicolored string, two warm white strips and eight warm white 15cm LEDs, a white strip and three white 15cm LEDs and two red 15cm LEDs for the façade, ornate windows, decorative columns, holly decorations, skating rink, garage, Christmas tree, lamppost etc.  

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