A Winsome Light Kit For Winter Toy Shop 10249

Christmas Carole and shopping of toys come alive with the Lego Winter Toy Shop 10249 model that can be a perfect gift for any Lego fan this winter. Shop lighting kits for the model from Lightailing and Briksmax and make your structure lighten up in dark.

If you are an adult now, surely you must miss those laid-back winter holidays of a childhood spent speculating what gift you would get from Santa or your elders. Now as your gifts have changed and you also buy gifts for your young ones, Lego Creator series has brought its Christmas special Winter Toy Shop 10249 so that creating a customized toy shop is fun for anyone above 12 years of age. With 898 Lego pieces, the 17cm high and 19cm wide toy shop is accompanied by a 15cm tall Christmas Tree and eight Minifigures including male and female caroler, two boys, two men, one girl, and two women. The structure gets a vibrant look especially for a dark room at night with the handmade lighting kits from Lightailing.  

Knowing About the Lighting Kit for Winter Toy Shop Model

The light kit for Lego Winter Toy Shop  comes inside the hardcover Lightailing box and once you open it, you will find separate plastic packets wrapped in air bubble film to avoid shipping damage. Inspect each accessory to make sure those are in proper working condition and if you find any discrepancy, there is the return and replacement window for a week.

  • For both a layman and an electrical expert, the universally described installation steps with proper illustration will prove to be extremely useful. You will know how to set up the brick separators, battery pack and USB hub. There is a 30cm power cable for the USB hub and for the AA battery pack you have to buy batteries separately as those are not included.
  • You can light up Lego LED light kits Lego  with the three multicolored light strings that change lights, one strip light of warm white tint band three warm white LEDs measuring 30cm each. Pass the 15cm connecting wire smoothly through or beneath the Lego pieces so that it remains hidden and safe from tampering.
  • The light kit also includes an expansion board with 8 ports, two Adhesive Squares, a user guide for later installation help and an after-sale warranty card that is valid for 2 years from the delivery date.

Special Features of Winter Toy Shop to Highlight with Lighting Kit

Before installing Lego LED light kits  you have to assemble the entire Lego structure so that the delicate light accessories do not get mingled up lost or tampered among the Lego bricks. The main parts of the set are the toyshop, decorated Christmas tree, cat figure, ornate streetlight, bench, ladder and the snowman with carrot-nose.

  • The toyshop can be highlighted for its cash register, chair, table, clock, ladder and tools to the interior and the tower adorned with light brick. The Christmas tree with decorations like 5 wreaths, two string light sets is the centerpiece along with different sized trees and snow elements.
  • The Lego night light  can lighten up the exterior where kids snowboard and ski while the toymaker adds finishing touch to his creations. The accessories like a jack-in-the-box, two top hats, two carol songbooks and ten toys including the helicopter, toy biplane, truck, rocket, race car, train, tugboat, wrapped gift and teddy bear.

Let the snowman sparkle with light reflecting from toyshop tower or marvel at the decorated Christmas tree –enjoy your Christmas recreating various Christmas fun scenarios and lighten up with LEDs.

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