Create Christmas Special Lighting Lego Display Winter Holiday Train 10254

Celebrate Christmas with your favorite Lego Winter Holiday Train 10254 set by installing LED lights from Lightailing. Easy installation, 7-days return and replacement and endless play opportunities will make this winter holiday cheerful both kids and adults alike.

When Lego Creator and Christmas theme comes together, magic is sure to happen this winter holidays and Lightailing makes a perfect entry with its premium quality light kits for the Lego models. The Winter Holiday Train 10254 set can be a perfect addition to your Christmas special Lego sets like Winter Topy Shop, Santa’s Workshop and Winter Village Station. Designed for Lego lovers aged above twelve years, this 734-piece model gets vitality with the handmade LED lighting kit that keeps your set highlighted even when it is night or the room is dark. Place the Minifigures of the boy, girl, grandmother, ticket collector and locomotive driver along with the toy robot in the cabin of the driver for season’s greetings or for a chat over tea in a passenger car –the lights make everything lively.

Making Use of the Lighting Kit for Winter Holiday Train

The light kit for Lego display Winter Holiday Train  is designed as age-appropriate for anyone above six because the delicate and small parts can cause choking hazards. You don’t need any particular electrical skill to install the lights as the instruction manuals are written universally to help even a layman –

  • Illustrated steps in the instruction manual and the user guide book will give you an idea of how to connect the 30cm power cable to the USB hub, how to use the two Adhesive Squares and set up the 12-port and 8-port expansion boards.
  • 15 random colored Lego bricks are included to customize with the Lego model and two battery packs –one AA battery pack and the CR2032 Oval battery pack are given for which you have to buy batteries. Set up brick separators to pass one 5cm and four 15cm connecting cables.  
  • You can light up Lego bricks  with two 10cm and two 15cm yellow LEDs, two slow flashing 15cm yellow lights, eight warm white 15cm LEDs, three 30cm white LEDs, two slow flashing 15cm red lights, two slow flashing 15cm blue lights and nine slow flashing 15cm colored lights. The colored lights decorate the train interior and exterior, spinning Christmas tree and the circular track.

  • The Lego model has dual building instructions and you can upgrade the model with Power Functions 880000, 88002, 8879 and 8884 for the motorized engine that has buildable billowing smoke from the stack and coal tender adjacent to the flatbed wagon.
  • You can bright up Lego display Winter Holiday Train  with sixteen curved tracks making a full circle, lamppost and bench at the boarding platform. The train has small and large red locomotive wheels and decoration with white tree elements, string lights, green wreaths, buffers, dark tan colored windows and cowcatcher.
  • The holiday tree rotates as the train chugs along the track and you can lighten up the tree with the Lego light kit. The LED lights will also lighten up the caboose of the ticket collector and the gift elements like tiny buildable toys –fire truck, micro train, spaceship, sailboat, wind-up car and remote-controlled robot.

The after-sale warranty card offers manufacturer warranty for 2 years and as for defective parts or malfunctioning of the light accessories, you can replace them within a week. Test the lights after you have assembled the Lego structure so that no small part gets lost or damaged.  

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