Special Christmas Gift Ideas For Lego Fans!

From Santa’s Workshop to Winter Village Station, from Gingerbread House to Winter Toy Shop – Lightailing has all your Christmas models covered with the premium lighting kits. Easy to install and vibrant to look at, the lights will compliment your Christmas decorations at home.

Celebrate Christmas with an array of Christmas themed lighting kit for the Lego structures so that your household decorations look more vibrant and your Lego building skill is appreciated by all. Check out the following sets which can be highlighted with lighting kits from Briksmax and Lightailing.  

Winter Holiday Train 10254

When you are looking for a light kit for Christmas set, the Winter Holiday Train light kit will be one of the most coveted gifts as it can be connected with the Winter Village Station set. The set comprises of 6, 8 and 12 port expansion boards, 5cm and 15cm connecting wires, AA and CR2032 Oval battery packs and 15 randomized Lego pieces. There are 10cm and 15cm yellow LEDs, 30cm white and 15cm warm white LEDs and a set of slow flashing red, blue, yellow and colored lights.  

Gingerbread House 10267

The frosted roofs, decorated façade, candy buttons and columns, chimney stack and intricate interior can be lightened up with warm white 15cm and 10cm LEDs and a light strip, 15cm yellow LEDs and two multicolored light strings that are connected by a 5cm and three 15cm wires. You will get 6 and 8 port Expansion boards, flashing module board, USB cable, two random Lego pieces, and AA battery pack.   

Santa’s Workshop 10254

The light kit for Santa’s Workshop  includes a multicolored light string, 15cm and 30cm LEDs and strip light of warm white tone and white 15cm LEDs and 30cm white slow flashing lights. The additional accessories include 8 and 12 port expansion boards, 15cm and 30cm connecting wires, four 1x4 Lego pieces, a 1x1 Lego Trans Round plate and 30cm USB cables.  

Winter Village Station 10259

As mentioned above, the light kit for Winter Village Station can be connected with that for Winter Holiday Train on a single power source with 30cm USB cable and connecting cable of 5cm, 15cm and 30cm length. The tower, ticket counter, and truck can be lightened up with six 15cm and six 30cm warm white LEDs and five strip lights of warm white tone. 8 and 12 port Expansion boards are there along with CR2032 Oval and AA battery packs, five 1x6 and four 1x1 Lego plates.  

Winter Toy Shop 10249

Liven up the Christmas Carole and the gift shopping frenzy with the light kit for Winter Toy Shop  that comprises of a warm white light strip, three warm white 30cm LEDs and three light strings of the multicolor changing feature. A 15cm connecting wire, an 8-port expansion board, and a 30cm USB cable are also included.

Winter Village Fire Station 10263

Highlight the two-storied fire station with detailed façade, windows, columns, skating rink, Christmas tree, lamppost and garage doors with multicolored light string, white and warm white light strips, three 15cm white and eight 15cm warm white LEDs and two 15cm red LEDs. Customize with seven random Lego pieces, two 30cm USB cords, a CR2032 Oval and an AA battery pack, three 15cm and a 30cm connecting wire and two 6-port and an 8-port expansion boards.

Winter Village Market 10235

 The light kit for Christmas Winter Village Market  can add vibrancy to the 1261-piece model with operator’s booth, carousel, moving bucket challenge site, grill stand, baker’s stand, two street lamps, candy stand, three trees, three tables, and a bench. Yellow, warm white, blue, white and red LEDs are included along with expansion boards, connecting wires and USB cord.

All the light kits of Christmas special models are available in sturdy boxes and those contain plastic packets wrapped with air bubble sheets to prevent damage. Adhesive Square, after-sale warranty card and illustrated a universal user guide book with the instruction manual which is included for ease of installation.  

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