Dazzling Light for Christmas Winter Village Market 10235 Lego Set

Create your own version of a winter fair with the Lego Creator Winter Village Market 10235 Set that gets vibrancy from the handmade lighting kit from Lightailing and Briksmax. Learn how to install the light accessories and make the special features of the Lego model stand out.

Very few things can probably match the extravaganza and nostalgia of the Christmas special fair in your hometown –Lego Creator series brings alive this excitement through the Winter Village Market set. Age-appropriate for any Lego enthusiast above twelve years old, the structure has as many as 1261 Lego pieces, which make way for a great Lego building experience where both an adult and a kid can take part. The same goes for the lighting kit from Lightailing where people both with and without electrical knowledge can easily install the LED lights. However, as the lighting accessories are delicate, they can easily get lost or damaged if you mingle them up with Lego pieces before assembling the structure.

Make the Best Out Of Lighting Kit for Winter Village Market

The light for Christmas Winter Village Market Lego  comes handmade and in premium quality. Inside the box, you will find air bubble wrapped plastic packets containing each lighting accessory. So, it is highly unlikely that any accessory will get damaged or tampered with. Still, you should check each of those properly and make sure they work fine. If you find any issue, get the light kit replaced in a week.

  • The Winter Village Market features the carousel with the operator’s booth, measuring 7” high and 10” wide while each of the booths has around 3” height and width. There are nine Mini figurines including two males, three females and four children, each having distinct accessories like a teddy bear, cups, scarf, cat, food elements and purse.
  • The best Lego light kits  from Lightailing will liven up the moving bucket game area, grill stand, baker stand, candy stand, three tables, a bench, three trees, and two streetlamps. The multicolored, red, yellow, warm white and blue LEDs connected with wires will highlight the holiday treats showcased in these stands such as the baker stand with croissant, pretzel and pies, grill stand with sausage and chicken and the candy shop with sweet treats.
  • The best attraction of the model is the ornate carousel that is lightened up with multicolor changing red and blue lights. Once you have added Lego night light, turn the carousel handle to watch it rotate harmoniously. The lights will highlight the ornamental headwear of the horses as the rock and also add the Minifigures to take a spin.
  • Refer to the user guide book for thorough installation later and follow each illustrated step written in the universal language in the instruction manual to know about the setup of extension boards, Adhesive Squares, brick separators and USB hub with the power cord.
  • To bright up Christmas Winter Village Market Lego  set, you will get only the battery pack in the box and hence, get the three AA batteries separately. The complimentary random colored Lego bricks are given for easy customization with the model. Also, make sure that the power supply from the main source should not exceed 5V unless it can cause burning.

Spin the carousel and let the Minifigures choose their favorite festive treats from the carnival booth. Use the lights to create a magical night view of the village fair no matter whether the room is dark or bright.  

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