The thrill and suspense of creating a new Lego structure never get old, no matter how old you are. Since childhood, Lego has been one of the most reliable and creative playthings to use your creative skills into building something straight from your mind. Be it a small house or a large scale building complex inspired from a comic series or Hollywood movie, be it a vintage car model or a futuristic Star Wars spaceship –the Lego structures have come a long way in helping imaginations turn into reality. Founded not very long ago, but Lightailing has been a toy manufacturing company dedicated to designing lights for your coveted Lego structures. Why lights for Lego structures? Well, how would you feel if your Death Star that took long tiring hours to build, is not visible at night?

Lightailing Lights –Your Step Towards A Realistic World

Lego James bond martin

Realistic –this is how a Lego structure will look once you have installed the Lightailing lights into the structure. As much as you would marvel at the detailed building or vehicle or other structures made from Lego bricks, the marvelous impression would not last long once it is dark. Feeling confused about which lights will be best? Here are the light kit categories from which you can choose yours –


Lego ship in the bottle

If you are up for experimenting with creative ideas like a ship in a bottle or the Big Bang Theory, the Ideas lighting kits will thoroughly be interesting. Besides, who did not love the adorable Wall-E? This category has lighting kits for Lego Wall-E too!


For those who have an inclination towards automobile and stylish cars, lightening up the Lego cars from this category will be like a piece of cake. Bugatti Chiron and Porche 911 GT3 light kits are there for you and you can also use the kits for other customized cars too.



Creating the mystic night view with Lightailing light product is possible and exciting when you are up for building some of the famous architectural digests like the London Skyline, London Tower Bridge, Eiffel Tower, and Buckingham Palace, etc.  


In this category, there is the most number of lighting kits for various types of buildings like Downtown Diner, Santa’s Workshop, Town Hall, Parisian Restaurant, Palace Cinema, etc, vehicles like London Bus, Mini Cooper, etc and even a Ferris wheel or a Carousel. The Ghostbusters collection also has light kits for Ecto-1.  

Lego Bugatti chiron Car

Movie and Television Franchise

Be it Hogwarts’s Castle, Great Hall or Hogwarts’s Express from Harry Potter movies or Death Star, Millennium Falcon from Star Wars, Disney Castle or Ninja go Destiny’s Bounty, Batmobile from Batman franchise or Simpsons’ Kwik E-mart –Lightailing has you sorted. All the light kits are compatible with various branded bricks and can be easily customized with the structure.

The best part of the lighting kits is that these can be easily installed if referred from the instruction kits and user guide available with the package. There is no electrical knowledge required and you can plug in the system to enjoy LED lights throughout the day and night.



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