The Retrospect, Spectacular Braille Bricks!

Who said that imagination is bound by the outer vision and not inner? Well, Lego does not believe in discrimination and when it comes to using the brawn and skill for creating new structures or learning something, Lego brings out the Braille bricks. As you all know, the Braille system is among the indispensable learning methods for complete or partially visually impaired people. Similarly, the Lego build idea with Braille was to let the kids, especially, learn alphabets or create new structures with Lego pieces in a hands-on method. Guided and incorporated by Stine Storm under the guidance of Morten Bonde, a person with degenerated vision, this commendable initiative was partly successful right when Stine took those bricks to some blind kids and they loved it overwhelmingly just like Morten himself.

Features Of The Braille Bricks

Braille Bricks

Looking almost like the original Lego pieces, these Braille bricks are mostly 2x4 blocks without full 8 studs but letters from Braille alphabet instead. Needless to say, these alphabets fit properly in the 2x3 studs and you will find free space at the rear end where the visual indicator is placed according to the symbol or letter for the visually impaired people.

  • The Braille bricks are compatible with the general Lego bricks and hence one can create even the complicated structures like those from Lego technic by attaching Braille bricks with general bricks.
  • The Braille bricks can be easily attached and stacked with other Braille bricks although the versatility that a general brick would offer, would be missing because there might be fewer studs for some symbols. As both the Braille and general bricks look almost identical, it is better to keep them separate.

Lego Braille Bricks for Blind

  • All those institutions catering to visually impaired people such as students will be provided around 250 free Braille bricks consisting of alphabets from A to Z (that might vary from regions to regions), 0-9 numerals as well as the common symbols like +, -, =, etc.
  • Teachers will also get special Braille pieces for teaching purpose while kids will get pieces for interactive games like math magic, word games, etc.
  • At present, there are alphabet blocks in languages like English, Danish, Portuguese and Norwegian as test pieces while by late 2019, there will be bricks in French, Spanish and German language which will be shipped in 2020.
  • Any institution running classrooms with visually impaired kids can easily get connected with Lego and request for the free Lego Braille kit.      

How Lego Braille Bricks Are Creating New History

Lego Braille Bricks

Teaching and learning the Braille is equally challenging and hence, both the teachers and the students would need a playful approach to learning. The Braille bricks with the interactive design are giving the blind or partially impaired students opportunity to let their skills flow in the proper direction. Started in 2011 by the Danish Association Of Blind, this new approach by Lego is also improving employment prospects for visually impaired people who need to learn Braille properly, get higher education and better career. In countries like Brazil, UK, Norway, and Denmark, the Braille bricks are provided as trials to be used free of cost. This not only urged the kids to be independent but also engaged in learning more.

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