Quick Bring Light into City Hospital 60204

There will be hardly any city-dweller who would not be familiar with the existence of the City Hospital in his or her locality, regardless of what the name of the hospital is. Lego City structures are designed to showcase the general city buildings that you see regularly or daily when you go out and the City Hospital 60204 model is one of the stunning interpretations of a high-profile hospital with floor to ceiling glass windows. If you are into the Medical profession or visit the hospital often, you would definitely love assembling 861 odd pieces of this Lego model. Suitable for six to twelve years old Lego enthusiasts, the model looks even classier when you add LED lights from Ligtailing within the bricks.

Light into City Hospital 60204

 What To Expect From Light Kit For City Hospital

The small Lego pieces and the Lego LED light kits  are delicate and small, which makes them prone to choking hazards and getting mingled up or tampered. To avoid so, you should assemble the Lego structure first and then open up the lighting kit.

The Lightailing box contains separate plastic packets wrapped in bubble sheets to avoid damage during shipping and each packet contains lighting accessories. On opening the packets, check each part to make sure they are not defective and also test them to see whether all of them are working properly. If not, replace or return the light kit in a week.

Light into City Hospital 60204

There are 28 LEDs in the light kit for City Hospital 60204 Lego  –two warm white and three white light strips, six 15cm blue, one 30cm red and two 15cm white slow flashing lights, two 15cm white LEDs, eight 15cm warm white LEDs, two red and two blue 15cm LEDs.

Refer to the illustrated installation steps written in the user guide and instruction book to know how to place the two Adhesive Squares, connect the 30cm USB cable, add AA batteries in the AA battery pack and CR2032 Oval battery pack or set up the three Expansion Boards –one with 12 ports and two with 8 ports. 

Connect the three 30cm, one 15cm and two 5cm connecting wires through brick separators comfortably and also customize with the Lego model by using the 14 random colored Lego pieces.

How to Make the City Hospital Special with Lights

Light into City Hospital 60204

The best Lego light kits  are for the three-storied hospital with kiosk, reception area, helipad and ambulance parking area, X-ray and vision-testing room and the operation theatre. Now that you know about the tidbits of the light kit, make sure you know how to customize with this modular set in various ways –

There are eleven Minifigures of three doctors, two paramedics, three patients, mother and father figures and one hospital worker with the baby figure and a skeleton. Place them accordingly in front of lights to highlight their jobs.

Light into City Hospital 60204

You can light up City Hospital 60204 Lego set  with its reception and kiosk area, ambulance drop-off space, a buildable helipad with helicopter, delivery or operating room and the eye-testing room featuring an eye-chart. The helicopter has a storage box and spinning rotors while the ambulance has a stretcher room and opening door.

Accessories include a stroller, stretcher, scissors, buildable wheelchair, syringe, baby bottle and bed, head bandage, cupcakes, bottles, flowers, etc.

Flip the light brick switch to get X-ray, lift ambulance back to enter the Minifigure on the stretcher or spin rotors of the helicopter to transport medical supplies –enjoy creating different designs of the modular structure with lights. 2 years of warranty is offered through the after-sale card.   



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