Light Up Your Modular Modern Home 31068 Lego Set

Lego Creator series has always come up with creative models that are some way or the other, connected to the life and the Modular Modern Home 31068 set is one such structure that you can assemble according to your idea of a bedroom. This vibrant model with only 386 Lego pieces is a beginner set that is appropriate for any kid aged between eight and twelve years; that being said, any Lego enthusiast regardless of age can assemble the structure to add this to an extensive model. To make the experience more enjoyable, Lightailing has introduced the handmade premium lighting kit with LED lights and custom accessories.

Special Features of the Modular Modern House 31068 Set

With the Lego night light kit, you can mix and match various buildable modules to create different looks of the airy and bright home. Before installing the lights, get to know about the special features of the model so that customization is easy.

In June of 2017, the modular system of the set came up with various modular sections like easily swapping doors and windows, rooftop terrace adorned with parasol, garden area, trees, flowers, outdoor buildable wall lamp, charging station, trampoline, electric car and two Minifigures of a boy and woman with buildable dog figure.

Modular Modern Home 31068 Lego Set

The lights for Lego Modular Buildings  can be customized to add two different models of the Creator series namely Modular Poolside Holiday 31067 and 3-in-1 Modular Family Villa 31069 and create a large set. On the other hand, the 3-in-1 Modular Modern Home can be built into Garden Home or Lakeside Home.    

Knowing About the Light Kit for Modular Modern House

Modular Modern Home 31068 Lego Set

The light kit for Lego Creator Modular Modern Home  set comes packed in separate plastic packets wrapped in bubble films and all the packets are neatly stacked inside the sturdy box to avoid any damage during handling.

If you have electrical knowledge –all good. But, even if you don’t have, there is nothing to worry as the user guide book is there for future installation and the instruction manual containing illustrated steps of light kit setup will help anyone install the lights. The lights are designed for anyone above 6 years old and you can help your kids set up the lights.

It is better to assemble the Lego model first so that the delicate light kit accessories don’t get mingled up or tampered with the Lego pieces. You will also get a random colored Lego brick for customization.

Modular Modern Home 31068 Lego Set

To light up Lego bricks, you will get a 10cm, a 15cm and three 30cm warm white toned LEDs along with a 30cm white LED. The lights will highlight the house with a pale blue, brown and white color scheme, its solar skylight, large windows, room on the ground floor, armchair, sofa, and parasol on the balcony and the bedroom on the upper level.

Prepare the AA batteries for the CR2032 Oval battery pack, connect the 30cm USB cord with the hub, place the Adhesive Square and set up the expansion board with 8 ports.

Spin the electric car or let the Minifigure jump on the trampoline, build the toy helicopter or take the dog for a walk –enjoy endless play experiences with the light kit. Test the accessories before using and enjoy 2 years warranty with the after-sale card.  

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