Recreate Iconic Lego Christmas Wreath 2-in-1 Set

Get in the Christmas vibe with the Lego Christmas Wreath 2 in 1 40426 model made up of more than five hundred Lego pieces. With realistic detailing, this set can be lightened up, especially for the festive season with the handmade and high-quality LEDs and accessories from Briksmax. 

Christmas is about two months away and while the world is recovering from the pandemic by gradually returning to normal life, Lego brings you the Christmas Wreath 40426 set. With 510 Lego pieces, this kid-friendly two-in-one set can be used for your household or workplace decoration, especially when it glows at night. Age-appropriate for any Lego enthusiast above nine years old, this iconic décor piece comes with a rope attached above so that you can hang it on the wall or door, as well as display on a table or shelf. When you have finished assembling the set, unbox the Briksmax lighting kit containing premium LEDs and accessories that anyone with or without electrical skill can install easily.

Specialties Of The Christmas Wreath 2 in 1 40426 Set

Light Kit For Christmas Wreath 2-in-1 40426

The Christmas Lego light kit is suitable for any 6+ years old Lego builder and you should keep it safe from infants due to choking hazard risks. As the small and delicate pieces can get damaged, mixed up or lost among the Lego pieces, you should finish the Lego structure before opening the light kit box.

The Advent Christmas Wreath has a diameter of nine inches and the build able candle measures three inches with full height. You can easily adjust the height of the candle according to the arrangement of the smaller pieces for replicating a burning candle in real-time.

The lights for Lego Christmas Wreath will highlight the evergreen leaves representing everlasting life and the berries. You will get an instruction book with illustrations to create two decorative designs –either a buildable big red bow or the four buildable candles signifying the four weeks of Advent.

Highlighting Christmas Wreath 2 in 1 40426 With Lighting Kit

To avoid any damage during handling or shipping, the Briksmax light kit comes with Lego LED lights and accessories packed separately in plastic packets, which are further wrapped with air-bubble sheets. Test each light and accessory to make sure there is no defect before the final light kit installation.

You will get an instruction book containing detailed installation steps written in the universal language and illustrations for installation help. There is also a user guide book to help in future installations. The after-sales warranty card bears a manufacturer warranty for two years from the delivery date.

Light Kit For Christmas Wreath 2-in-1 40426

Before lighting Lego, make sure to set up the brick separators so that the connecting cables can be passed smoothly without any harm and remain concealed from the exterior look.

Red, white, blue, green, warm white and yellow LEDs are given for the berries to give a vibrant look to the wreath altogether. You will get four red LEDs for the bow.

Set up the USB hub with the connecting cable of 30cm length and prepare the expansion boards and Adhesive Squares. There is no battery in the light kit –purchase three batteries for the AA battery pack.

Keep the main power below 5V to avoid electric burns. If you notice any missing, broken or malfunctioning accessory, get it replaced with seven days from delivery.    

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