Thrilling StarWars Battle Action Play With Lighting Lego AT-AT 75288

With over 1200 pieces, the Lego Star Wars AT-AT 75288 set can bring out various scenes from the video game or the movie series. Briksmax offers premium-quality and handmade light accessories with LEDs to make the structure look vibrant even when the room is dark.

Light Kit For AT-AT 75288

If you are a seasoned gamer and a fan of the Star Wars saga, the video game named Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga will be familiar to you, so will be the movies for a nerdy movie-buff. The Lego Star Wars series makes sure that both the gamers and movie enthusiasts with interest in Lego building get a chance in assembling the AT-AT 75288 set. With 1267 Lego pieces, this kid-friendly set is age-appropriate for anyone above ten years old. Prevent the structure from overshadowing with the high-quality and handmade lighting kit from Briksmax without even having any electrical skill.

Specialties Of AT-AT 75288 Set    

Before adding Lego Star Wars light, you should finish assembling the model to avoid losing, damaging or mixing up the small delicate parts. As there is no battery in the light kit box, you should get three AA batteries.

The vehicle stands over thirteen inches in height with a length of 14.5 inches and a width of 5.5 inches. Whether you are recreating the classic Battle of Hoth or any other scenes from Star Wars trilogy, there is an illustrated instruction manual for easy assembling and you can also operate it in the video game.

Light Kit For AT-AT 75288

With LED lights Lego 75288 can be highlighted with its cockpit for the three Minifigures, speeder bike, spring-loaded shooter, foldout panels, bottom hatch from where Luke Skywalker Minifigure throws in a thermal detonator and a winch for pulling up Luke.

You can open various sections of this All-Terrain posable Armored Transport and place the six Minifigures of Luke Skywalker, two drivers of AT-AT Walker, two snowtroopers and General Veers. For role-playing in battle scenes between the Empire and the Rebel Alliance, you can add a lightsaber for Luke and the tripod gun of Snowtroopers.    

Highlighting AT-AT 75288 With Light Kit

Light Kit For AT-AT 75288

The Lego set light kit is suitable for anyone above six years old and it has a manufacturer warranty of two years from the delivery date with the after-sales card. The light kit box comes with separate plastic packets containing the LEDs and accessories and air-bubble wrapping to keep them safe from handling damage.

The illustrated instruction manual written in the universal language will help you in step-by-step installation and the user guide will help in the future installation.

Insert the batteries in the AA battery box and set up the brick separator to pass the two 15cm and two 30cm cables smoothly without harm or revealing them to the outer look.

Light Kit For AT-AT 75288

The lighting for Lego include one white and two yellow light strips, two 15cm white LEDs, two 10cm and four 30cm red LEDs, two 30cm and four 15cm yellow LEDs and two warm white 15cm LEDs.

Set up the two expansion boards with 12 ports each, place the Adhesive Squares and connect the power cable measuring 30cm to the USB hub.

You should make sure that the box has all the components and test each light and accessory to ensure that they are in proper shape and working fine. In case of any discrepancies like missing item, broken or defective item, you can send the light kit back within seven days and accept a replacement.

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