Recreate The Superheroes Battle Action Fun With Lighting Avengers Tower Battle 76166

With seven Minifigures, five floors and over six hundred Lego pieces to assemble, the Lego Marvel Avengers Tower Battle 76166 set offers depiction of various scenes from the Marvel comics and movies. Check out the handmade and premium lighting kit from Lightailing to make this detailed structure look vibrantly lit even when the room is dark.

Light Kit For Avengers Tower Battle 76166

From the series of comic series to the first movie of Avengers Phase-I with Captain America and now with the upcoming Phase IV, the popularity of the characters is the same in kids and adults. The Lego Marvel Avengers series has brought out the kid-friendly Avengers Tower Battle 76166 set with 685 Lego pieces that is suitable for anyone above eight years old. With the collectible Minifigures, weapons, functioning gadgets and toy vehicles, the stimulating structure guarantees endless imaginative and hands-on playing experience. As the delicate lights and accessories from Lightailing can get mixed up, damaged or lost among the small Lego pieces, you should finish assembling the model and then set up the light kit.

Highlighting Avengers Tower Battle 76166 With Light Kit

The Lego Avengers light kit  is age-appropriate for any enthusiast above six years old and requires no electrical skill to install as it is a plug-and-play model. However, due to choking hazards, you should keep the light kit safe from infants.

The Lego structure when fully assembled stands 17 inches in height and can be opened vertically for easy access to the detailed interiors. Assembling the structure becomes easy with the instruction guide just like the illustrated instruction book helps in installing the lights with steps described in the universal language.

Light Kit For Avengers Tower Battle 76166

Before adding LED for Lego, you should place the Minifigures of Iron Man with his two additional armors namely Tazer and Blazer, Black Widow, Red Skull and two A.I.M agents. Here the antagonist Red Skull with the A.I.M agents is tackled by Tony Stark as Iron Man and Natasha Romanoff as Black Widow. 

The energy core can be blown out, the balcony below the great Avengers logo can be collapsed, the rocket attack can be launched and the jail can be blasted off this skyscraper from New York City.

Light Kit For Avengers Tower Battle 76166

You can light up Lego  Avengers Tower Battle with blue LEDs for the Avengers logo, white lights for the Sky Cycle garage of Black Widow, Armory room, Arc Reactor room, two balconies, jail and tech lab, yellow, red and green LEDs for other highlighting features.

Before the final installation, you should test each accessory to make sure they are functioning properly and also check whether there is any broken or missing part. You have to get three AA batteries for the battery pack and connect the 30cm USB power cable to the hub.

Light Kit For Avengers Tower Battle 76166

Set up the brick separator to pass the connecting wires of the lights for Lego 76166 smoothly between the Lego stubs without any harm. Prepare the expansion boards, Adhesive Squares and use the random colored Lego pieces for customization.

The light kit comes in a hardcover box with lights and accessories packed separately in plastic bags with air-bubble protection. The user guide will help in future installation and the after-sales card will offer a 2-year manufacturer warranty. For any manufacturer defect, you can return the kit within seven days to get a replacement.   

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