This Year's an Exclusive Seasonal Collection with This Lighting Elf Club House 10275 Set

Get the cheery vibes of Christmas holidays while assembling nearly 1200 Lego pieces to give the Lego Elf Club House 10275 model a perfect look. With the high-quality lighting accessories and premium LED lights, you will get a vibrant look no matter whether the room is dark or lightened up.

Light Kit For Elf Club House 10275

The Lego Elf Club House 10275 set from the Winter Village Collection comprising of 1197 Lego pieces is an expert-level model that is age-appropriate for anyone above eighteen years old. A challenging and rewarding Lego building experience is guaranteed as you deck up the halls, use the light brick for adding a warm glow or connect the rocket-powered sleigh with the reindeer. The Briksmax lighting kit box comes with the lights and accessories packed separately with air-bubble wraps to avoid any damage while shipping. You do not have to learn electrics to install the light kit as it is a plug-and-play model suitable for anyone over six years old.  

Highlighting Elf Club House 10275 With Light Kit

Elf Club House 10275

You should always complete assembling the Lego model before adding Christmas Lego set light kit as the small parts are prone to get lost or mixed up with scattered Lego pieces and the delicate accessories can get damaged. Keep away from infants due to choking hazard risks and make sure the main power remains below 5V.

Whether you are a newbie or an enthusiast, the coffee-table instruction book coming with the Lego set will help you in adding the design details perfectly. The same applies to the universal instruction manual that helps with illustrated installation steps. You will also get the user guide for future installation and an after-sales card valid for two years from the delivery date.

Light Kit For Elf Club House 10275

Before lighting Lego Elf Club House, get three AA batteries for the battery pack and set up the brick separator to make sure that the connecting cables are passed smoothly without any harm. The set includes a light brick that is run by a battery to glow in a warm tone.

The Lego structure stands 8.5 inches in height and five inches in depth with several seasonal decorative accessories. The Lego LED lights will highlight the waffle machine, the repositionable chimney, the triple-decker bed, glowing light that you can shake to wake the elves up and sleigh with reindeer for parking at the “sleighport”.

Light Kit For Elf Club House 10275

The vibrant and quaint cottage accommodates the hardworking elves of Santa who spend their time while cooking waffles, going on sleigh rides and wrapping presents. There is a telescope on the rooftop to keep track of Santa’s sleigh when he flies above the night sky during Christmas Eve.

The lights for Lego  include multicolored string lights for the V-shaped roof and the Christmas tree, yellow LED for the big star on top of the Christmas tree, warm white LEDs for the interior and yellow LED for the doorstep. The lights will also brighten up the gifts surrounding the Christmas tree and the computer inside the cottage that helps in tracking the elves that had been nice or naughty.

While unboxing, if you notice any accessory missing or broken, return the package for replacement. You should always test the accessories before the final installation and in case of defective accessories, there is a replacement policy for seven days from the delivery date.    

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