Save The Gotham City With Lego DC Batman Batmobile

Bring alive the legendary Batmobile with Batman, his lady-love Robin, Man-Bat and Kabuki Twins by assembling the Batmobile 70905 Lego set. Let your kids enjoy Lego building more with the Lightailing lighting kits that make the structure highlighted even in dark.

With the confirmation of the new Batman movie starring Robert Pattinson, the DC fans are getting a new hope for their cinematic universe. While adults are reliving their enthusiasm over Batman, kids are gradually getting the taste of this fandom and Lego has brought out the Batmobile 70905 model from The Batman Movie series. With only 581 Lego pieces, the model is designed for kids and teenagers aged between 8 and 14 years. Five Minifigures of Batman, Man-Bat, Robin along with the Kabuki Twins will give the structure a new vitality as you recreate the racing scene between Batman in his Batmobile and the villains in the Gotham City. The handmade lighting kits from Briksmax and Lightailing are there to lighten up the structure and liven up the chasing sequence.

What to Know About the Batmobile 70905 Model

The Lego night light kit can be used to make the classic black Batmobile suaver in its race mode. The Batmobile stands 3 inches high with 5 inches width and 11 inches length. Before setting up the lights, have a look at the main features of the Lego structure –

  • The Batmobile comes with the dual-cockpit for two Minifigures of Batman and Robin. Its roof can be popped off any time to add some action to the chasing scene. There are two large multidirectional wheels having rubber tires, posable wings for the bat costume and 2 stud shooters.
  • With Lego light kit  you can highlight the three modes in which the wheels can steer –monster truck mode, a race mode, and the parallel parking mode.
  • The accessories for the Minifigures include capes for Robin and Bruce, the molded utility belt for Batman which was added in the spring of 2017, claws for the Kabuki Twins for the intense battle actions and the dynamite for Man-Bat.

Lighting Kit for the Batmobile 70905 Set

The premium light kit for LEGO DC Batman Batmobile  comes packed in plastic packets and wrapped in bubble sheets to make sure they do not get tampered with or broken on arrival. Test each accessory before the final setup and in case you find any defect, return and replace them in a week.

  • Keep the after-sale warranty card safe as it offers manufacturer guarantee for two years. The user guide and the universal instruction manual with illustrations are there to guide you through setting up the brick separator, inserting AA batteries and passing the wires in a concealed way through the bricks comfortably.
  • There are twelve random colored Lego bricks with which you can customize with the model. You can light up Legos  with one blue LED, four red LEDs, two yellow LEDs, four warm white LEDs, and four white LEDs –all the lights are 15cm in length and they lighten up the front and rear lights, wheels, and cockpit.
  • You will get an 8-port and a 12-port expansion board, a 5cm connecting wire, an Adhesive Square, a battery pack and a USB power cable of 30cm length.

Make sure you assemble the entire structure before setting up lights and both the Lego pieces and the lights are delicate and can be easily mingled up, lost or tampered with.    

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