Tips And Tricks To Build Stephanie’s Horse Jumping 41367

Let your kids have their best time in assembling the Lego Stephanie’s Horse Jumping 41367 set from Lego Friends series. Know about the special features of the light kit and the Lego model to customize as you want.

If you are an enthusiast of equestrian sports and have been a thorough Lego building enthusiast at the same time, Stephanie’s Horse Jumping 41367 model can be a perfect option to bring your two interests together. The Lego Friends series showcases the different scenarios from the Heartlake City and with only 337 Lego pieces, this Lego model along with its lighting kit is a perfect beginner set for your kids like both the model and the light kit is designed for kids above six. The model features the two Mini doll figures of Zack and Stephanie and the two-horse figurines. 

How to Make the Best out Of Stephanie’s Horse Jumping 41367 Set

Before indulging in unpacking the Lego night light  kit, you should know a few hacks which will come handy both in assembling the model and installing the light kit.

  • Test Lighting Accessories

Once you have finished assembling the Lego bricks, unfurl the bubble sheets around each plastic packet inside the box. Check each light and accessory properly for any kind of damage and test their functionality before setting up finally. You have the window of one week to return or replace any defective accessory. Also if all is well, keep the after-sale card safely as a manufacturer guarantee for 2 years.    

  • Know About Special Features Of The Model

Before you light up Stephanie’s Horse Jumping Lego  set, set up the two stables, washing and grooming area, horseshoe podium, viewing balcony and jumping hurdles. There are accessories like binoculars, the TV camera, carrots, pitchfork, two saddles, two bridles, hay and grooming accessories like the spray bottle, comb, bows, rosettes, sponges, and brushes.  

  • Refer To Instructions To Initiate Setup

With installation steps in the universal language and proper illustrations, you will get to know how many AA batteries are needed for the battery pack, how to pass the 15cm connecting wire comfortably through the brick separator, where to put the Adhesive Square and how to set up the 6-port expansion board. You will also find it easy to connect the 30cm USB cable with the hub so that the lights are connected to the main power. 

  • Add Lights And Highlight The Structure  

There is one 15cm and one 30cm white LED along with two warm white LEDs measuring 15cm each and a warm white light strip. The light kit for Stephanie’s Horse Jumping  set will lighten up the grooming area where the Minifigures wash and groom the horses before the contest. Let Zack and Stephanie sit on the horse figures and navigate around the highlighted course with jump toys while keeping a safe distance from the rails. Add lights to the viewing balcony where spectators can enjoy the sport, the screen where the action captured on the TV camera is displayed and the podium where Minifigures take trophies.

With the premium quality LED lights and accessories from Lightailing, the structure will remain lightened up 24x7. Use your imagination in creating different scenes to make the equestrian sport more enjoyable and add LEDs to create a night view of the course.  

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