Star Wars Resistance: The Lighting Imperial Black Ace TIE Interceptor 75242

The detailed Black Ace TIE Interceptor 75242 from Star Wars Resistance will be a beginner model to any 8+ years old Lego enthusiast. Enjoy assembling Lego pieces with Instruction PLUS and then add LED lights from Briksmax to make it highlighted even when the room is dark.

The Star Wars geeks would never miss any movie or television show and the 2018 animated show Star Wars Resistance was no exception. Those who have watched this 3D animated American sci-fi series would be well aware of the Black Ace TIE Interceptor and Lego enthusiasts can create the perfect replica of it by assembling 396 pieces of the Black Ace TIE Receptor 75242 set. This beginner model is suitable for any 8+ years old Lego builder and the LED lights from Briksmax are designed for any 6+ years old enthusiast so that lighting up the structure is easy.

A Thorough Idea of Black Ace TIE Receptor 75242 set 

Open the light kit for Lego 75242  after completing the model because the choking hazard delicate Lego pieces might get damaged or lost otherwise among the light accessories. In case you are new to the Lego world or need help in assembling the pieces, the Instruction PLUS mobile app can interactively help you.

  • The starship comes with two Minifigures from the Star Wars Resistance show, namely Poe Dameron and Griff Halloran as well as the droid figure of BB-8.

  • You can light up Imperial Black Ace TIE Interceptor 75242 Lego set  that stands 3 inches tall with 14 inches length and 8 inches width. The Interceptor structure features the opening cockpit where Griff Halloran, the ace pilot can sit.
  • There are two spring-loaded shooters attached to the wingtips while the spare missile can be stored at the rear side by removing the panel. Accessories include the two blaster pistols.

Lighting the Black Ace TIE Receptor 75242 Model

Before you unbox the light kit and unfurl the bubble films to reveal plastic packets where separate lighting accessories are kept, you should know that the Lego light sets  should be connected to the power supply that is not equal to or more than 5v, lest electrical burning might occur.

  • There are six random colored Lego pieces for customization with the set. You will not get AA batteries with the light kit –get three batteries separately for the battery box included in the lighting kit.
  • Set up the brick separator beforehand so that you can pass the 5cm connecting wire without force. Connect the 30cm power cable with the USB hub and set up the 6-port and 8-port expansion boards and the Adhesive Square.

  • You can light up Lego bricks  with one large 30cm warm white LED and two 30cm green LEDs for the cockpit, two slow flashing 30cm and two 15cm yellow LEDs, one 15cm blue and two 15cm red LEDs.
  • Keep the 2-year after-sale guarantee card safe and the user guide book for further installation. Follow each step and illustrations on the universal instruction book for easy light installation.

After getting the light kit, you should first check each accessory properly and if there is any damaged part or malfunctioning issue, return it within seven days and get a replacement.



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