Surprising Look for Tree House 21318 set

Lego Ideas series has always come up with unique structures to assemble and one of them is the Tree House 21318 set that comprises of 3036 pieces. It is appropriate for enthusiasts above 16 years of age and needless to say, it’s highlighting of the seasonal plant beauty would mesmerize anyone of any age. Quite a nostalgic set through which many can reminisce about treehouse memories during childhood, there are interchangeable leaf and plant elements made of plant-based plastic. However, the beauty multiplies when the LED lights are added and the structure remains highlighted even when the room is dark.

Light Kit For Tree House 21318

What to Know About Tree House 21318 Set

You can light up Tree House 21318 Lego  that features a tree with seasonal leaves, accessible cabins on treetop with removable roofs made from plant-based sustainable polyethylene plastic, cabin accessories for interesting role-play, bonfire, picnic table, swing and the wind-up crane that can reach the balcony of the bedroom.

Light Kit For Tree House 21318

  • There are four Minifigures of parents and two kids with a bird figure. The landscape base comprises one buildable table, four seats for the Minifigures, the buildable stream, hanging a swing, hidden gem, bush and plant elements, ladder and various picnic elements.
  • The Lego LED lights  to highlight the bedroom interior with the buildable bed, hidden scissors (as an indication to creator’s day job of hairdresser), compass, clock, ship in the bottle and hand-operated crane. The bathroom has a toilet, buildable bathtub and sinks while the kids’ room has bunk beds, the treasure map, and a book.    
  • You will get a booklet featuring instructions of assembling and the bio of Lego designer and fan creator.  

Learn About the Lighting Kit for Tree House

Light Kit For Tree House 21318

Once you have completed assembling the set and have an idea of where to put the lights, it is time to open the light kit for Tree House 21318 Lego set  and test the accessories to check their functionality. Purchase the AA batteries and brick separators beforehand and make sure not to mix up the delicate pieces of the light kit.

  • Among the 35 custom LED lights for three cabins namely bathroom, main bedroom and kids’ room, you will get three warm-toned white strip lights, five white strip lights, three white lights measuring 15cm each, a warm white 30cm light and three warm white lights measuring 15cm each. There are five pinks, five red, five green, and five blue lights, measuring 30cm each. The package also has a multi-color changing string for decorating the green summer leaves as well as brown and yellow fall leaves.

Light Kit For Tree House 21318

  • The Lego LED light kits  to come with two connecting cables measuring 5cm each, a 15cm connecting cable and eight connecting cables measuring 30cm each. Also included are three expansion boards with 12 ports each and a multifunction board. A USB cable of 30cm length is there to connect with the USB hub.
  • Along with the battery pack and Adhesive Square, you will get as many as 28 random colored Lego pieces for customization. The instruction book and user guide book are there to prescribe you the installation steps. Keep the after-sale card in case you find any malfunctioning part within a year.   

More than 180 botanical pieces made of polyethylene using sugarcane (sustainably sourced) and assorted plant pieces made of plant-based plastic act as a milestone in Lego’s commitment to manufacturing products by 2030 from sustainable materials. The lighting kit from Lightailing is available from pre-order till 15th October as a 2019 batch.  



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