Emma's Lighting Art Studio 41365

Those who used to binge on the television program from Lego named Friends Of Heartlake City would surely remember the characters of Emma, Mia, Olivia, Andrea, and Stephanie. The episodes featuring these five best friends, their pets and different scenes from the Heartlake city would come alive when you assemble the Lego pieces of different sets from the Lego Friends series.

Light Kit For Emma’s Art Studio 41365

With 235 odd pieces, Emma’s Art Studio 41365 set is full of vibrancy which gets enhanced when you install the LED lights from Lightailing. Both the Lego set and the lighting kit are appropriate for kids above 6 years old –while kids can enjoy assembling the pieces, they can install the lights under adult supervision.

Knowing about Emma’s Art Studio 41365 Set

Before checking out Emma’s Art Studio Lego light kit  you should make sure the set is assembled completely and to do so, you should know about the special features of the set.

  • With two Minifigures of Andrea and Emma along with the cat named Chico, the set features an art shop downstairs where art and craft accessories are on sale. The studio is upstairs features Emma with her palette creating her latest artwork.
  • On the textile of the magic canvas, kids can paint with water to reveal their image and by rotating the knob of the potter’s wheel; they can rotate a sculpture and make it look beautiful.

Light Kit For Emma’s Art Studio 41365

  • The Lego light kit  will highlight the mini easel stand and the terrace café on the roof where an umbrella and a table are featured.
  • Other accessories include paintbrush for the color palette, water-reactive canvas, paint bottle, scissors, artwork tiles, cash bill, cash register, cookie, coffee cup and signboard outside the art shop.

Knowing about the Light Kit for Emma’s Art Studio

Now that you know about the special features of the Lego set of Emma’s Art Studio, you would know different ways to customize the set with lighting. The best Lego light kits  are designed in such a way that no matter whether you have electrical knowledge or not, you can easily set up the light accessories by following the manual.

Light Kit For Emma’s Art Studio 41365

  • For the umbrella and table on the roof, and the interiors to the art studio and art shop, you will get warm white toned LED lights which are very delicate but offer sufficient brightness to highlight the structure.
  • You will get a battery pack inside the light kit for Emma’s Art Studio Lego set but not the batteries –hence, purchase three AA batteries in advance along with the brick separator to help the delicate LED wires to pass through and beneath the pieces without tampering.
  • The instruction books are written in a universal language and user guide books are available for ease of installation. You will also get a USB hub and custom bricks.  

Light Kit For Emma’s Art Studio 41365

The lighting kit box from Lightailing comes with different accessories packed separately inside plastic packets and them wrapped by bubble films to avoid handling damage. Once you open the packets, check each accessory to see whether they function properly and are in proper shape. The warranty card lets you replace tampered items within a year and return the package within a week.     



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