Top 5 Biggest Build Challenging Lego sets you can Kill a Weekend With

Lego play-sets have been known and admired by children and adults all over the world for its minutely-detailed renditions of well-known buildings, characters, fairy tale themes, movie sets, and many others, both real and imaginary. What’s more, the sheer complexities of its assembly process often require an investment of many hours – the entire family may be involved in completing the various components of the set. This exercise promotes creativity in children and strengthens family bonds through a cooperative building.

Light Kit For Ultimate Millennium Falcon 75192

5 such complex Lego sets are described below which can very well keep entire families engaged for a weekend. So, have fun creating detailed miniature versions of your favorite models.

Ultimate Collector’s Millennium Falcon 10179

 Lego and Star Wars have been successfully cooperating for the last two decades and have provided numerous play-sets for their fans and collectors’ enjoyment. One of the most recognizable spaceships from this “galaxy far, far away…” is the Millennium Falcon. This 90 cm long Lego behemoth is made from 5195 parts and contains five mini-figures. The assembled model is a scaled-down copy of the one used in the movie series and matches all its minute details. What’s more, this 21 cm-tall Lego spaceship can be further brightened by installing an LED light kit for Lego Millennium Falcon  set, transforming it into a worthy centerpiece of any collection.

Creator Tower Bridge 10214

The Lego Creator Series is meant for more mature teens with its complex iterations of some popular themes like buildings, animals, vehicles, robots, and wildlife among others. These play-sets are meant to be a visual treat and offer some degree of playability and moveable parts. With proper Lego Architecture lighting kit  meant for individual sets installed, these scaled-down models can truly become a visual delight. The Creator Tower Bridge 10214 is a detailed replica of the iconic London landmark of the Thames River. The massive 45 cm-high models can test even experienced Lego builders in terms of its complexity, while it simply looks stunning fully assembled.

Light kit for London Bridge

Architecture Paris 21044

The Lego Architecture sets are a collector’s delight; people simply love the scaled-down versions of their favorite city structures. These can be used to build a representation of the city itself, even though these buildings are good enough to hold their own in any display. The 21044 Paris set is a great rendition of the world-famous city with six of its landmark constructions on display. The Eiffel Tower, Champs-Elysées, Arc De Triomphe, Tour Montparnasse, The Louvre and Grand Palais together make an impressive sight after assembling the 694-piece Paris set. Furthermore when beautifully illuminated with custom-made LED light kit for Lego Paris 21044 set, the warm white lights, the pulsating flashy ones make the beautifully-detailed structures truly come alive.  

Light kit for Paris Lego set

Hogwarts Castle 71043

Harry Potter books and movies have attained legendary status among its multitudes of fans worldwide, so Lego continued its tradition of association with this fantastic magical world of wizards. Building the 71043 Hogwarts Castle is a journey through the iconic locations of the story in itself; even though putting together the 6020-pieces set is daunting enough. There is an array of mini-figures of important story characters included with the set to round out the different settings of the build and enhancing playability considerably. Assembling the entire set is suitably complicated, but once complete after many hours of painstaking construction, the massive structure is a sight to behold. Installing the LED light kit for Lego Hogwarts castle  especially custom-made for the set further heightens the spectacle, brightening the display with strategically-placed multicolored lighting.

Light kit for Harry Potter series lego set

Disney Castle 71040

The association between Lego and Disney has provided the fans of both many iconic models of the vast animation and fairy-tale world. From re-creating magical characters, themes and buildings, which actually only exist in the realm of imagination, Lego has been able to charm its multitudes of customers. The Disney Castle 71040 is a suitably exemplary play-set of this collection, combining the animation and fairy tale elements of Disney. The 4080-piece set takes hours of fun-filled dedication to assemble, and its playability is considerably augmented with the thoughtful addition of five mini-figures.

Light kit for Disney Castle set

You will simply love Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Donald and Daisy Duck along with the beautiful fairy, Tinker Bell. Once completed, illuminate it further by installing LED lights for Lego Disney Castle especially designed to highlight the play-sets incredibly detailed design. The multi-colored lightings will transform the Castle into a veritable wonderland for kids, while adults will appreciate the highlighted details in focus.

So, any of the sets described above are worthy enough to be the centerpiece of your Lego display and provide days of creative fun for the children.


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