Innovative Ways to Rebuild the Star Wars Lego set

The long and fruitful association between Lego and the Star War Universe started in 1999 with the release of Lego X-Wing 7140, the iconic Rebel fighter ship. Fans of Lego play-sets were treated with numerous buildable models, mini-figures, spaceships, and more to populate their own collection. The loyal followers of the Star Wars franchise now had scaled-down, highly-detailed buildable versions of their favorite vehicle or spaceship on hand which they could only see only on screen before. Children and early teenagers simply loved to re-create favorite battle scenes from the movies while ardent collectors were passionate about completing matching sets.

Light kit for star wars

In case you own multiple Lego play-sets from the Star Wars universe, read on to know about a few ideas on rebuilding them into new models and further enhance their appeal by installing an LED light kit for Star Wars Lego set.

Build Alternate Models

One of the most popular methods of revamping your Lego Star Wars collection is to build alternate models from the older sets. Most stand-alone play-sets from Lego have this feature – you can create different designs with the same brick sets. Try this activity for those sets that are already lying disassembled, then you may move on to the assembled ones. In case you don’t have required assembly instructions for rebuilding such sets, a little online search can get you the required instructions. There are quite a few dedicated websites dedicated to rebuilding Lego models wherein you may even get new and innovative ideas on the construction of new models for your own Star Wars universe.

Light kit for star wars

Re-Create Brightly-Lighted Movie Scenes

As you are aware, most Lego sets correspond to some iconic movie scenes, battles or characters from the Star Wars franchise. These models also often follow the animated series or video game stories which include important characters from the vast collection of Star Wars universe over the years. So, you can very well use the same assembled models in different settings to provide the needed fresh felling to old sets. Ask the kids to use their considerable imagination for re-creating battle scenes, space flights or simply search online for innovative ideas. For added oomph, light up Lego  sets by using custom-made LED light kits to brighten the entire display. Children will love the bright, pulsating and colorful lighting effects which will transform their favorite play area into a showpiece for everyone to admire.    

Light kit for star wars

Light up Your Own “Galaxy far, far away”

Redecorating the assembled Star Wars play-sets to create an interactive play area for children is a great way to rekindle their love for the older models. Building alternate models from existing sets, creating something fun and innovative from unused spare bricks is another engaging activity for children, which also hones their creativity. After the assembly and rearrangement are complete, light up Star Wars Lego set  individually or in a coordinated manner to add the magic of well-designed LED lighting schemes to the display. This exercise requires no technical expertise on your part and the components used in the process do not hamper the Lego models’ beauty in any way. They are made to integrate fully within the brick layout and only provide illumination enhancing the beautifully-detailed models in every way.

Light kit for star wars lego set

So, go ahead and have fun with the entire family rearranging and reassembling those Star Wars Lego sets and add Lego night lights  LED kits to create a brightly-lit Lego play area that can transform into a showpiece at the flick of a switch to be admired by everybody.



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