Tips and Tricks to building Architectural Lego Sydney Set 21032

Lego is the world’s foremost plastic play-set manufacturing company and its multiple themes, series, real-life imitations, movie, and animation world re-creations of plastic brick models have created worldwide admirers, followers, and collectors. One such popular series is the Lego Architecture Series which aims at re-creating beautifully-detailed buildings, cityscapes and unique urban architectures defining the city or the country. The Lego Architectural Sydney Set 21032 is a re-creation of the world-famous Australian city’s distinctive buildings.

sydney set light kit

Things to know about Architectural Lego Sydney Set 21032

The set is part of the Skyline sub-theme of the immensely-popular Lego Architecture Series of brick models. Released in 2017, the Sydney Set 21032 contains 361 pieces and assembles into four of the most iconic structures dominating the Sydney Harbor view. They are the Sydney Harbor Bridge, Sydney Opera House, Deutsche Bank Place, and the Sydney Tower.

Each of these models is carefully designed to replicate minute details of the actual structures in Sydney. You can now re-create the city of Sydney inside your home with these easily-identifiable structures dominating the display. What’s more, installing Lego LED light kits  can further enliven the structures to resemble their originals during the evenings.

Some Tips about Assembling the Lego Sydney Skyline Set

  • Upon opening the packing, you will find three plastic bags containing the assembly parts and the ever-present instruction booklet. The booklet contains the necessary assembly guidelines and pertinent information about the structures’ history
  • You start assembly with building the base support of the micro-structures, then move on to the Sydney Harbor Bridge. The level of detailing is noticeable even at such a small scale – from the tan pylons, green tiles replicating the Dawes Point Park, two sailboats under the bridge and the iconic steel suspension cables

light kit for Lego Sydney set

  • The Deutsche Bank Place is next in line, with its distinctive angular roof and spires extending further towards the sky. The blue-and-white alternate-colored bricks used in its assembly look beautiful. Then you can start with Sydney Tower – the golden plates on the top to represent the tower-head is well-thought-of, as are the conical pieces for the tensile support cables
  • Lastly, you add the iconic Sydney Opera House, a Lego fan-favorite, already featured in standalone sets. The expertly-used ‘tooth’ structures are able to represent the original architecture quite beautifully, completing the assembly

All the four Lego structures have distinctive architecture and are easily distinguishable even in unassembled form. With the addition of an LED light kit for Architectural Lego Sydney set, these mini-representations can truly shine in all their glory!

Light Up Lego Sydney’s Skyline!

light kit for architecture series

After the assembly of this beautiful Lego Skyline set is complete, add the custom-made light for Lego Sydney light  kit to further beautify the entire cityscape display. These LED light kits are made by electronics experts who love to spend time with Lego sets, thus they understand the design quite well. For this iconic set, twelve different lighting features have been added with white, blue and slow-flashing colored LED bulbs. The wires and bulbs integrate fully with the main structures and only serve to illuminate and highlight them beautifully.

So, go ahead and install Lego Architecture lighting kit for the Sydney Skyline Set 21032 and marvel at the resulting brilliantly-lit, pulsating display piece brightening up the area!




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