The Coolest ways to build lighting Lego: Tracked Loader 42094

Nothing beats the satisfaction of assembling hundreds of Lego pieces to bring out something that can glow at night with bright and vibrant LED lights. Well, as alienated the topic of adding Lego lights to Lego structures was during your childhood, nowadays, the lights are indispensable parts of Lego structures because no matter how detailed and colorful the model is, when it is dark, all those details are lost to human eyes. Newer models releasing at regular intervals are always a point of excitement to Lego enthusiasts and one of those extensive models is the Tracked Loader 42094 set from the Lego Technic series. With 827 pieces of mostly black and yellow color, although the structure seems a bit complicated for beginners, in reality, anyone above ten years old can assemble this.

Light Kit For Tracked Loader 42094

Knowing About Tracked Loader 42094 Set

Before you light up Tracked Loader 42094 Lego set, it is recommended to learn thoroughly about the structure so that you know where to put the lights and where to pass the LED wires from.

  • The excellent features, as well as the manual functions, complement the structure vibrant with a detailed sticker and color scheme of black and yellow. There are also two-speed winch, ground-gripping rugged tracks, and rotatable cab.  

  • The cab doors can be opened as well as rotated in a 360-degree angle. The claw and boom are functional –you can lower and lift the boom while operating claw for grabbing tree trunk elements.
  • To give you a rewarding and immersive Lego building experience just like building real-life machines with gear mechanisms of Lego Technic sets, the set is designed as a two-in-one model that can be rebuilt as rugged Tracked Dumper apart from Tracked Loader.

What to Know About Light Kit for Lego Tracked Loader    

Light Kit For Tracked Loader 42094

The Lego night light kit  is equipped with high quality and small-sized LED lights and lighting accessories which might get tampered or lost in Lego pieces if you have not finished assembling the structure. Open up the box after assembling and unwrap the films of bubble wraps surrounding the separate plastic packets containing each accessory.

  • Among the twelve LED lights, you will get a white light measuring 15cm, six white lights measuring 30cm each, two white lights (slow flashing) measuring 30cm each, a red light measuring 15cm and two red lights measuring 30cm each.
  • You have to conceal the lights and the LED wires in between or beneath the Lego pieces so that they do not get tampered by forcible passing. The light kit for Tracked Loader 42094  includes a connecting cable of 5cm length and a USB power cord measuring 30cm which is to be connected to a USB hub.

Light Kit For Tracked Loader 42094

  • There is an expansion board with 12 ports, Adhesive Square and a battery pack excluding AA batteries. Purchase the batteries, plugin and test the lights for proper functionality.
  • You will get ten random colored Lego pieces for customization of the structure. For ease of assembling, there is a user guide and instruction manual written in a universal language.

No matter whether you are aware of electrics or not, the detailed steps in the instruction book make sure you can install the lights and accessories easily. You should keep the after-sale warranty card safe so that in case there is any broken piece, you can replace it within a week and get warranty service for a year.   



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