5 Creative Uses of Lego Set Light Kit You Need To See

Almost everyone has created various Lego structures or at least tried to assemble pieces into creating something out of the mind during his/her younger days. With increasing age, the Lego pieces became smaller and their number increased while the structures became more extensive. Just as there have been numerous additions to the different categories of Lego namely Ideas, Structures, Marvel Avengers, Star Wars, Harry Potter, etc over the years, the need has risen to make these structures look grander even at night.    

light kit for assembly square lego set

Interchanging Different Colored Lights As Per Choice

The Lego light sets  are designed in such a way that they can be customized in whatever way you want i.e. you can install a certain colored light at a place where you feel right, not where the instruction manuals say. As there is no strict rule about setting up the lights in their respective spaces, you can add a red light in place of a blue one or instead of placing the light at a designated place, place it somewhere that you feel like highlighting.  

Adding Lights Of Different Models From The Same Category

Although the lighting kits are designed for specific models from a particular category, you can easily mingle them up to represent that category or to complete a scenario that you have imagined. For example, if you are creating a set representing Batman world, there are light kits for structures like Penguin Arctic Roller, Batmobile and Riddle Racer which can be combined for a Batman scene. Similarly, you can add lights from different models of Lego Creator sets like Town Hall, Palace Cinema, Pet Shop, Downtown Diner, Brick Bank, Volkswagen Beetle, etc.

Adding Lights Of Different Models From Different Category

Just as the above experiment with Lego light kit  is possible within the same category as Star Wars, Disney or Ghostbusters, you can even add lights from different models for a unique feature. For example, those with an inclination towards automobiles can add Volkswagen Beetle, Mini Cooper, James Bond Aston Martin, and Ford Mustang from Lego Creator series with the Bugatti Chiron, Porche 911 GT3 RS and Chevrolet Corvette ZR1 from the Lego Technic series.

Creating Extensive Scenario With Multiple Light Kits

While you can add structures from the same category like Marvel Avengers or Harry Potter, from different categories like Technic and Creator series because they more or less represent the same types of structures, you can also add totally different structures for an extensive scenario. Take for example the Architecture lights which are designed for structures from different cities like Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, etc or city skylines like that of London, Berlin, etc but together they can make a mini world architecture representation.    

Parisian Restaurant 10243

Using Lights For Structures Made Freshly Out Of Your Mind

Last, but not the least, you can even light up Legos  according to what your heart desires because not every structure has to be made as they were designed to. Assemble pieces from different structures, give them shape according to your choice and take lights from different models to lighten up your new structure. New structures with creative usage of lights might even get you noticed by Lego designers for their next Ideas creation!

The Lego structures never cease to mesmerize with their vibrant pieces assembled perfectly and at the same time, they take you to the carefree golden days of childhood. Reminisce in your childhood with the lighting kits and enjoy watching the structures glorified at night.   



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