Make Your Lighting Lego Set: Doctor Who 21304

Sci-fi movie enthusiasts or nerds would be well aware of the British television show Doctor Who which was started by BBC in 1963 and is now streaming on Netflix in its 11th season that concluded with episode 10 on 9th December last year. Extraterrestrial adventures revolving around the “Doctor” or Time Lord from Gallifrey planet is the main theme of the show. Those who thoroughly enjoyed the movie and the TV series would never miss the chance to recreate a certain scenario or doing a role play with the Doctor and hence, Lego started the Doctor Who model in which Doctor Who 21304 is noteworthy. However, the excitement does not end there as Lightailing also brings you the LED Light kit to keep this stellar structure lightened up even in darkness.

Lego Set: Doctor Who 21304

Knowing About Doctor Who 21304 Model

Now you can bright up Doctor Who 21304 Lego  model with the small-sized, delicate and high-quality LED lights and accessories, but first, you should know what the structure is all about –

With 625 Lego pieces, the Doctor Who model is a moderately difficult structure and any kid over 10 years of age can easily assemble it. That being said, even grownup adults would not miss role-playing from different scenarios of the show, especially when they will get assorted accessories for four Minifigures of the Twelfth Doctor, Eleventh Doctor, Weeping Angel, and Clara Oswald along with two Daleks.

light kit for Doctors who

Doctor Who 21304 Lego lighting  lets you highlight the opening Time Machine TARDIS with 11cm height, 6cm width, and 6cm depth. This replica model features exclusive graphics detailing and steps as well as assorted flight control panel in the control room to the interior. The control room is detachable and has 14cm height, 16cm width, and 21cm depth.

When closed, the TARDIS can fit the Doctor inside along with accessories like fez of Eleventh Doctor, sonic screwdriver of Twelfth Doctor and signature accessory of the Doctor. There is also a booklet featuring details of the TV series and fan-designer.

What To Learn About Light Kit For Doctor Who 21304 Model

After completion of building the Lego model, unbox the light kit for Doctor Who 21304  and open up each plastic packet wrapped by bubble film to reveal the accessories. Make sure that they are in proper shape and plug in to test their functionality.

light kit for Lego Set Doctor Who 21304

Among the twelve LEDs, there are two white strip lights, two white lights with 15cm length each and four white lights measuring 30cm each to highlight Console Room and four colored slow flashing lights measuring 30cm each for the TARDIS.

Conceal the 5cm and 15cm connecting cables below or beneath the Lego pieces comfortably to avoid tampering and ruining the exterior look. Connect the 30cm USB cable from the lighting kit for Lego set  with the USB hub and insert separately purchased batteries inside the CR2032 Oval battery pack to connect the lights with the main power.

Lighting Lego Set Doctor Who 21304

The light kit also includes expansion board or 12 ports, Adhesive Squares, two random colored Lego pieces for customized assembly and instruction manual with a user guide book.

No matter whether you have electrical insight or not, if you go through detailed light installation steps in universal language from the instruction book, there will never be any problem. Keep the warranty card safe in case you need to replace a part within 7 days or need to resolve any defect within a year.      


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